Accidentally wiped my notes from this one while I was writing it…

Anyway I started at 205DEGF

1st infusion – 12 Sec
Light, a little woody, loam and slight mushroom. Drying, cooling, and mildly sweet on the second half of a sip. It tasted like walking through a forest after the rain and sitting down on a fallen tree covered in mushrooms. The complexity was nice.

2nd Infusion – 20 Sec @211DEGF
More body, more complexity. The same notes are shining through but with a solid woody base, the drying sensation stays and leaves a pleasant astringency in the mouthfeel. Somewhere between these two brews would be a natural balance. Overall it’s really nice to drink. There is some shengy tang on the nose but the medium amber liquor has smoothed out into a sweet talker.

3rd Infusion – 30 Sec @ 206DEGF
Smooth, viscous, lightly astringent. The body has remained much the same. It feels like this is what sheng should taste like. When aged properly and mellowed out.

4+ Infusions
Really shining in later infusions, good balance of flavors and a smooth but strong finish.

I can see why this would be an iconic sheng.

Flavors: Bittersweet, Mushrooms, Tangy, Wet Wood

205 °F / 96 °C 6 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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I’m getting (back) into teas this year with my latest loose leaf revelation. Member of the Liquid Proust Discord server and enjoyer of all things cha qi.

Also enjoyed are all of the historical implications of tea culture, and the bountiful variety in teas of the world.
Take a moment to meditate with a cup in hand, and our world will seem clearer when the last sip leaves your cup!

My rating system is in honor of K.S.

90-100 Stellar, to be displayed proudly if shared with guests. Or just a tea that hits its mark well.
80-90 I enjoy this tea a lot, would purchase and drink it. Fine if it lives in the pantry
70-80 Above Average, would drink it and probably still buy if the mood struck me.
50-70 Average, I would still drink it when available.
0-50 I don’t care for this tea, and have no desire to care for it.



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