60 Tasting Notes

drank Magic Moon by Drink T
60 tasting notes

Awesome tea! Thank you LiberTEAS, this one is definitely going my list of teas I don’t want to be without! Very easy tea to prepare, it was still yummy after I forgot to take the teaball out of my mug for about 20 minutes!

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Hooray! Thanks, LiberTEAS, for sending me this! I really like it and it’s a GREEN tea! I have had trouble finding a green tea that doesn’t taste bitter or isn’t dry, this solves that plus it has the beautiful addition of jasmine!

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drank Florence by Harney & Sons
60 tasting notes

Another tea from the generous box of samples that LiberTEAS sent me! The super-long reviews say it all, this tea is amazing! This is the flavor that Stash Teas Chocolate Hazelnut WISHES it had! I have to try it with vanilla Silk next cup!

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I wanted to try this tea and LiberTEAS said “POOF! Here you go!” :) Maybe I need to try changing the steeping time or something because with this first cup all it tasted like was chocolate coffee-? It was good chocolate coffee though!


What were your parameters? I used 1 HEAPING tsp and steeped it for 6 min 15 sec in boiling water. I’m definitely getting the chocolate and bacon, but yes I also thought “a great coffee substitute” even before I read your tasting note.



Super sorry that I took so long to respond! I got busy and then I forgot my password and resetting it didn’t work! Anyways, I just made this tea again yesterday and I used a level tablespoon to 8oz boiling water for 2 mins, and still didn’t get the bacon lol.


Oops I meant 12 mins!

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Smelled like black licorice (not my fave) to me, but tastes like NOM! So good, and I’ve never cracked a Harry Potter book :) Thank you LiberTeas!

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LiberTEAS sent me a sample of this, thanks to her I get to try a whole smorgasbord of teas! I’m not too crazy about this one. It’s ok, but I think that something should be stronger, either the lemon or the ginger, wouldn’t matter to me which one. I would drink this again if offered (and I will finish the sample) but I wouldn’t purchase.

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drank Chocolate Chai by Indonique
60 tasting notes

First off I’d like to thank LiberTEAS for sending me a sample of this! The smell is amazing and it makes me think of some dessert that I had when I was a kid but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s a very smooth chocolatey tea but I don’t taste anything that says chai, although I do smell the cinnamon with the cocoa powder. I think I will leave this without a rating for now because it tastes good but I just had spaghetti and the garlic is messing with the flavor of the tea. I know I like it, just not sure how much yet. :)

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I am not a fan of this tea at all, I don’t taste pineapple and the lychee flavor tastes “off” to me.

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This is a nice caffeine free tea, the balance between the vanilla and apple was just right. A nice after dinner tea.

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