We’ve always begun each day with a hot cuppa. We’ve found that without that first cup, we’re much less civil. (The second and third cups help, too.) Over the years, we’ve searched diligently for a tea that is less…fussy. In our opinion, tea is too often made to seem mysterious and exclusive.

Blackbird Tea Co. was created with inclusiveness in mind. What we wanted was a tea that was at home at a souk in Marrakech, a rock concert in Brooklyn, and a Saturday morning walk in San Francisco. Kind of like us. So what we couldn’t find on the shelves, we created. We liked it and so did our friends. Now we’d like to share it with you.

In a mass-produced, throwaway world, we believe in creating simply and intentionally. As such, our inaugural collection consists of our most favorite teas. Think we should carry your favorites? We do too. Email us at [email protected] or hit us up on Facebook and let us know which teas make your day brighter.


Seattle, Washington


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