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Although I much prefer loose teas now as opposed to pre-baged ones I still like to try a new one every now and then. Usually they’re nothing special, I’ll try it once and that’s usually it other than the black tea bags and maybe a honey lemon that I always have on hand. This one, however, is now a must have in my cupboard.

More of a juice tea for sure, and super cool in it’s pink colour after being steeped. Personally I like to leave the bag in for this one the entire time to strengthen the taste. A little bitter tasting at times but not overwhelmingly so. I think this must come from the blackberries as I find it to be almost identical to when I eat them fresh.

I have to disagree with Indigobloom about the teabags. I find these to be extra sturdy and probably one of the best designs I’ve ever used in terms of not ripping…plus the triangle shape is just plain cool!

Tried this one iced for the first time the other day….steeped two bags in hot water to make sure it didn’t taste too watery and then poured over ice. Delicious!!! Actually probably one of the better iced teas I’ve had.

The only negative thing I would have to say is agreeing with the hibiscus flavour….I find you can only taste it when it’s at that in between point between hot and cold. Still steaming?? Great! Iced?? Great! Cooled off and sitting for a while?? Not so much.

8 min or more

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Without a doubt my favourite tea EVER!! And not just from DAVIDsTEA but in general out of everything! The creamy and smooth flavour of this makes me relax so much I can only drink it when I know I’m not doing anything cause it makes me not ever want to get up. When I’m settling in to read my book, or cold and just looking for something to warm me up head to toe this is what I go for.

I’m not usually one for adding milk to my teas, and only sugar on occasion so I originally tried this one straight black. I didn’t love it that way and found it too bland.

Next I tried with milk and brown sugar as suggested. HOLY POOP AMAZING couldn’t get over how perfect it tasted. Smooth Creamy and just enough sweetness. I experimented with adding more and less brown sugar an found that the more added the closer it came to having a similar taste to hot chocolate. Even my boyfriend liked this and he’s not one for teas.

Having tried the brown sugar I wanted to compare it to regular white sugar. Although still very nice it just didn’t do it for me. I was so hooked on the perfection and sweetness the brown sugar offered.

Going even further into sugar testing I now had to try the difference between soft brown sugar and brown sugar cubes. Both were very very similar but for some reason I still prefer the soft brown sugar. I like being able to have more control over the sweetness of it and it just tasted more creamy that way. That being said after experimenting a bit I’ve found that two brown sugar cubes is a good amount (I will probably continue with this until my sugar cubes are gone and then go back to using soft brown sugar).

Of course with a buttered rum tea one HAS to try it with rum in it. I had no dark rum on hand as the tin suggested so i poured a shot glass of spiced rum in. I’m not sure if it was because I had to much in or the spiced rum just wasn’t a good combination but half a mug ended up going down the sink. I want to retry this with dark rum but I hate wasting my favourite tea and am scared to throw another one down the sink.

The only thing left to try I think will probably be the difference between cream and milk. As I said before I rarely even put milk in my teas so this will be a big step, however I’m confident that the cream will only add to the smooth texture….the only question will it be TOO creamy.

The only thing wrong with this tea is the name….it should have been more accurately called “Heaven in a Cup.”

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Hey all!

Raised and brought up in a small town in Nova Scotia, grocery store teas were typically all I had to access. After recently undergoing a move to Toronto I’m so excited at all the opportunities to try new teas everyday! I’ve had to dedicate one of my kitchen cupboards to my obsession TEAheehee


Toronto, Ontario

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