7g in 100 mL gaiwan

Dry leaf appearance – probably made up of lots of broken, smaller leaves, but hard to tell. Good, solid compression but not like a Xiaguan ripe where you have to break the pick to get enough tea to drink.

Dry smell – maple syrup, light chocolate, damp, humid forest in summer months, earthy

Wet smell – sweet, caramelized sugar, creme brule, coffee cake, cinnamon, cinnamon buns, freshly baked old fashioned donuts with glaze, plums, cinnamon raisin bread

Liquor – dark red, almost rose colour on first steep before fully opened. Almost opaque but not yet. On third steep a dark, semi-opaque plum-like colour, almost like a cola

Texture – soft and thick, velvety and smooth

Taste – very, very sweet. Light and sugary, maybe a bit of maple syrup on a sweet waffle or other kind of pastry. Extremely pleasant. Second steep even sweeter. I get a serious baked good taste, maybe a maple donut. A tiny bit of maple sugar candy

Empty vessel – syrupy, but there’s almost a kind of fruitiness along with it, a tiny bit tart. Like blueberry compote. Brandy-ish after third steep

Mouth finish – tingly palate, light coating but not significant. Produced a bit of saliva on the tip of the tongue

Wet leaves – pretty much what you would expect from a typical shou.

Body feel – a bit intense, but almost scattered and confusing Qi, maybe due to the blend or something. Still, not unpleasant.

A solid daily-drinker; definitely a great value for such a low price. Be warned of the possibility of a slight funk, however, as my S.O. thought it smelled fishy (though I didn’t get that myself).

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A longtime tea-drinker but a relatively new gong fu enthusiast. My preferred teas are leafy whites, Dan Cong oolongs, young and semi-aged sheng pu-erhs, and well-rounded shous, but I also enjoy black/red tea and fu zhuan. Right now, my personal favourites are W2T’s 2018 Hot Brandy, 2017 Turtle Dove, and 2007 Repave, as well as Yunnan Sourcing’s 2014 Impression and 2013 Fuding Shou Mei.

Disclaimer – as I am still very much a learner, my reviews are going to reflect that, so please bear with me. :)

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