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This tea is advertised as a Green Pu’Er. As my knowledge of Pu’Er is pretty poor and this being a Korean Pu’Er my knowledge is even poorer. Being described as mellow is very precise. There is only a faint smell of sweet from the brewed leaves and even less taste from the tea. I will have to try multiple steeps to really get a handle on the flavor, if there is any.

4 min, 30 sec
Tea Love and Care

what a puer review ^_-

CMT 雲 山 茶

puerly punned

Tea Love and Care

….well….you’re a puer!

ok fine, you won that tea battle.

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While I cant say how this Tea tastes with sesame seeds and Korean Chilli paste, I will say that steeped without condiments it is very nice indeed. While I don’t usually drink black(Yellow) teas this tea is something I would start drinking regularly. Pedro’s description of the teas taste as a mix of wood and raisins is very approximate. I would liken it to a Pu-ur lite. Smokey and warm. Yummy.

Matt has a more in depth review of this tea: http://mattchasblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/2009-daotea-kim-shin-ho-hwagae-valley.html

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This is a mild and very pleasant Green tea from Korea. It has a slightly toasted taste mixed with a classic smooth green tea flavor. Pedro over at Dao Tea was kind enough to send me a sample box of some of the finer Korean Teas of Tea Master Kin Jong Yeol.

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Words cannot describe the amazing taste of this tea. The sweet taste of premium Tuna and aged Cheddar is a perfect match for this Green. I drank this tea while eating a Tuna Melt Sandwich and had a hard time telling which was which. Masterful blend. Hats off!


: ) Bought this one, too! Can’t wait to try! YUM, Tuna. Cheese. Green Tea.

Tea Love and Care

wow, i was waiting to see when you might rate a tea 100. Did you get another sample package?

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The leaves on this tea are beautiful, a nice pale green in colour. However the smell is some what akin to stale urine mixed with corn(Sorry that’s what it smells like.) I fail to find the floral component apart from the slightly sweet vegetal taste. Unfortunately not my cup of tea.

Tea Love and Care

If you think this tea is akin to stale urine, try the Snow Buds white tea… Actually, by the look of the tea leafs I thought they were exactly the same tea.

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Has a slight earthy taste I have found common in Pu-Ur Teas. There is nice sweetness to taste as Gingko describes. Very warming taste.

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The best thing about this Tea is the fancy name. Very unremarkable taste, I’ve had better tasting greens from Liptons. Disappointing.

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To truly enjoy a great cup of tea, we should be there with the tea-not off thinking about the past or the future…even what we will say about the tea.

-Master Ling Ping Xiang



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