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So on the scale of world importance, finishing a video game really isn’t high up there. That is, unless it’s Persona 3, one of the most depressing and mind-wrenching fake-dating-sim fake-rpg fake-SMT games ever churned out by the second-most-evil video game company ever (that would be Atlus; I claim that Nitro+Chiral is number one, even though I haven’t played any games they’ve produced).

Now I’m sure you’re wondering what this has to do with Perfect Peach (or tea at all). The truth is that Perfect Peach is perfectly suited for for P3. At least, for me it is. Brew it up strong in a mason jar and add some milk! A nice, soothing overtone of peach to comfort all your emoness over social links, a nice hint of lemon to perk you up through all the stairs you have to climb in Tartarus, and an underlying artificial flavor to remind you that the end is going to be so depressing that you’ll have to take a time out from life to recooperate.

You know what’s really sad, barring the end of the world that was supposed to happen in 2010? The fact that I can’t save the world because my sister stole the game and console from me and is not letting me play it because she said it was a stupid game and is playing it herself now. I mean, I was ~ 98.5% of the way through, I had gotten like 86% of the personae, and I had even prepared to drink a whole box of Perfect Peach in the last push to the end. …Now I just have this tea to console myself while I reassess whether I should still be playing video games at my age.

….At least the tea is tasty.


this sounds delish!! and at my age… I do whatever I want :P

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this sounds delish!! and at my age… I do whatever I want :P

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Calochortus likes plants and knitting and bacteria. She doesn’t have a very large tea allowance, so expect a lot of grocery store/local/home-grown/bagged teas. She’s grown up with tea, as it is part of (half of) her culture.

Her favorite teas are black and usually fruity or vanilla-y. She likes to put milk in her tea, too, but she’s trying to widen her palette with green teas and rooibos. She finds that tea leaves are great for composting, too.


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