I started drinking this tea when I was in grad school (since grad school should be renamed “The Secret 10th Level of Hell”). My sister started up on it since it’s a bit chocolatey, so it’s kind of been a staple in my house. I don’t like the carob taste, but the Sister does. I like the cinnamon taste, but she doesn’t. I can’t stand the stevia, but she loves it.

I decided to have this tea because the world has decided to engulf me with all the worst things ever except getting a pink slip (I’m just going to continue part-timing and not ever get a real job, it seems). I kind of needed this today, and I’m almost thinking that just the thought of having a stress relief tea relieved my stress. Yeah, I calmed down even before I started sipping. The scent has really grown on me, but I can’t drink this tea unless I cut it with milk. The cinnamon is a nice mid-tone, but the stevia is way too much for me.

I’m 3/4 through my cup, and I’m pretty durn calm/sleepy now. The tag for this cup of Kava Stress is: “Love what is ahead by loving what has come before.” ….So I’m going to try to love Eugenics, War, and Slavery. I’ll see where that takes me (actually, I think that’s a pretty interesting quote; the stress is just making me sarcastic).

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Calochortus likes plants and knitting and bacteria. She doesn’t have a very large tea allowance, so expect a lot of grocery store/local/home-grown/bagged teas. She’s grown up with tea, as it is part of (half of) her culture.

Her favorite teas are black and usually fruity or vanilla-y. She likes to put milk in her tea, too, but she’s trying to widen her palette with green teas and rooibos. She finds that tea leaves are great for composting, too.


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