The last time I rated this tea was last December. The local co-op has finally stocked Organic India tulsi teas after a massive tea cutback to make room for the ever-expanding coconut/palm/wheat/corn/soy/nut/gluten-free cooking section. It was a bit depressing at first, because they cut out all the teas I was interested in, but they’re finally building more diversity into their selection (yay!).

I’m going to keep my rating the same, but this time is a bit different from a year ago. Firstly, I noticed the smell of the tea straight out of the bag wasn’t as heavenly-amazing as last time. Sure, it’s still some sort of amazing, but not super-amazing. However, I will add that I like the flavor a whole lot more this time. The tulsi is a nice, warm base for the bright rose overtones. I can’t taste any stevia sweetness, which is always a plus, and I think the floral rosy taste satisfies my desire for any kind of sweetener. I did add milk (I’m stubborn like that, I know), and that rounds out the flavors a bit.

…..And I have to note that NaNoWriMo was a success this year, despite the fact that I didn’t get a cohesive novel again. That’s what happens when you pants 11k on the 30th. ….I’m not even sure folks outside of the biological sciences will understand it. Sadly, I feel a bit empty now that it’s over, since I created my characters more or less in a pantsy way, so I had just gotten to know them (and hadn’t killed any of them yet). The nice thing, though, is that this year’s NaNo has sparked me to get back into the evil crafty/artsy hobbies that I had to give up in grad school.

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Calochortus likes plants and knitting and bacteria. She doesn’t have a very large tea allowance, so expect a lot of grocery store/local/home-grown/bagged teas. She’s grown up with tea, as it is part of (half of) her culture.

Her favorite teas are black and usually fruity or vanilla-y. She likes to put milk in her tea, too, but she’s trying to widen her palette with green teas and rooibos. She finds that tea leaves are great for composting, too.


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