This is a backlog going back to…. somewhere around the end of November. I’m that forgetful…

Anyway, a lovely lady whom I stayed with in a hostel in Alaska gave me a teabag of this, and it looked amazing. Because, you know, it’s from a company whose name involves the words “Organic” and “India” — it’s like they know who I am! If only they also included the words “bhangra,” “evil microbiology” and “thermal underwear,” then they’d really describe me.

Anyway, the teabag smelled floral and rosey right after being taken out of the pouch, so I was a bit worried. I mean, not like gulab-jamun worried, but just a bit eau-de-toilette worried. When steeping, I knew that this wouldn’t taste sweet, so even if I had gulab jamun worries, they were alleviated.

In the end, I actually liked the taste — it was mellow and relaxing. However, the scent was AMAZING. I don’t know, I may have to try this again, since I was running around Alaska and dealing with all sorts of not-pretty things, so this was super-feminine and super-pretty for me. However, this may be a very desi thing, since rosewater and gulab-ish stuff is very popular in general for South Asians. Then again, fried and super sugary things are also very popular, and that’s just too much for me…

Hm. It’s hard to rate this one. I’ve just been talking about other things. I guess I could say I’d get a box or two if it were in the local co-op, but I’m not going to go out of my way to order it online or anything. Though the scent is amazing. It would be wonderful to make bath products out of this tea. I would totally do infused oil with this if I had a source for it.

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Calochortus likes plants and knitting and bacteria. She doesn’t have a very large tea allowance, so expect a lot of grocery store/local/home-grown/bagged teas. She’s grown up with tea, as it is part of (half of) her culture.

Her favorite teas are black and usually fruity or vanilla-y. She likes to put milk in her tea, too, but she’s trying to widen her palette with green teas and rooibos. She finds that tea leaves are great for composting, too.


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