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Just drank my last of this (sigh)
Extremely sad…. Please Verdant,
Tell me when this is available again…
I would purchase at least every other month.
Love the light licorice taste, elderberry spices and the fennel
Yes! I love to chew on the fennel.
This is my favorite tea and along with Steepster & Friends
(And of course, God,)
Got me through my mother’s passing.
I don’t need to be sick to enjoy this herbal.
Just love it :-D

3 tsp 16 OZ / 480 ML

I just looked at their website … If I’m looking at the right one, they currently have it in stock!


Thank you sweets!
Imma check it out now….
When they first brought it out it was not available
except in the blend tasting club…
I love it and am one who begged them to keep it.
Thanks Suzi…I am going to their site NOW !!!


100% Right yoy are!
I just ordered this and Sichuan Caravan
Thank You
♡~Happy Girl~♡


You not yoy…lol…


I think the “Big guy” is with us whenever we have a cup.


Glad I had the inspiration to check.. just on a whim. So happy it was the one you wanted :)


I love you Mr Mopar & Suzi ~ so kind of you to check.I am over the moon that they decided to keep it around awhile

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Definitely not my cup of tea.
No taste of cinnamon, cloves or mint.
Rather bland, but in a medicinal way.
I drank a full pot, but couldn’t bear to do a re-steep.
The red liqour is intoxicating & I had high hopes for this one

Eco-Cha 一口茶

Hi CelebriTEA! Thanks for posting this tasting note, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the tea though!

I wanted to share a little more info on the tasting notes and where we are coming from with ‘cinnamon’. In Taiwan, Red Jade is often described as having a note of cinnamon in its aroma and aftertaste. In Taiwanese culture, cinnamon is used as a medicinal ingredient in traditional herbal remedies and in cooking recipes that use traditional Chinese medicine ingredients for flavoring. This is in contrast to our common experience of cinnamon in baked goods or beverages if it is combined with sweeteners and other flavoring. So the tasting note in Red Jade is of the aromatic, slightly bitter quality in cinnamon rather than the sweetness that might be associated with it in western cuisine.

I completely understand this might not be ‘your cup of tea’ ;-) though! Just wanted to share a couple notes.

Have a great day and enjoy whatever is in your cup!


Thank you for that note~ explains it to a “tea”

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This was light on blueberry flavor compared to the Blueberry tea from David’s..
I admit, I have fallen in love with David’s teas.
This particular tea has it’s own merits…it does have that cakey flavor
But in a really SMOOTH way that screamed I am cheesecake with decadent blueberries.
This is a nice tea and although not my favorite blueberry tea it is
Supa Nice
Try it, you will like it…
…Mikey… ;-)

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I am not obsessed, but I do love it.
Such a refreshing way to start off the morning.

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I think Tulsi must be a NO for me.
Three blends with tulsi? (Sigh)
The upside is that by getting three tulsi blends together…
I I was able to pretty much identify it is a definite dislike for me :-(


I know I’m not a fan either, I have had it by itself only, no blend, and it has a very peculiar taste I’m not a fan of…so I don’t know how it translates into a blend…


hmmmmm guess i should crack mine open tonight and see


Sil I would definitely be curious of others impressions…


Sil ~ Did you ever try this?
Just curious…


yes. i hated it….57 hated it. ie. drinkable under penalty of taking delicious teas away from me but otherwise no thanks.


LOL @ Sil…glad I wasn’t the only one to feel that way :-p


you are not alone sistah!


.Thanks Sil ;-)

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Not my style at all…unsure if it is the tulsi?
What I know is this month had three tulsi blends…
I loved one and strongly disliked the other two :-(


kinda confused with verdant’s business decisions.. their first “free” minisample to start monthly was 3 pu-erhs now the first 3 flavoreds are all tulsi? odd.


Perhaps they are doing that as a means of comparing quality among similar teas?
That can kinda suck when, for example, there are 3 Tulsi teas and you figure out you dislike Tulsi. On the other hand, it was probably the one thing that helped me to determine Tulsi is not a favorite of mine. I love Verdant, so I try not to be critical and yet
I am very open about my likes and dislikes :-)

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I needed this spicy tonic this morning.
Going through some depression related to my health.
This cuppa is rich, earthy, spicy & definitely full bodied.
It is recommended for eve sipping, but this my morning cup.
It is getting me going and helping to draw out some sunshine
out of this cup and ignore the blustery, snowy day outside.
I cannot identify all the individual additions to this mix, but I love the spicyness.
This is wonderfully rich ♡☆♡
If you have never tried a puerh, but always wanted to ~
This is highly recommended ~ complex & rich & FABULOUS


May your day pick up and be blessed by warm weather, bright colors, and something that smells like spring.


Hope you didn’t dump your leaf after the first cup. This should resteep all day.

Surround yourself with good friends, good, music and great tea. If possible get out of the house even if it is for only a few minutes. We planned to go to town this morning, only made it a 1/4 mile before deciding it was too slick, but even that little bit helped.


Naw…I resteeped this one….really nice ;-)


Yay! A good pureh always seems to brighten the day up no matter how dark it is! Hopefully this cuppa has brought you some cheer and relaxation from the days stress.

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drank Butterbeer by 52teas
129 tasting notes

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Day 2 from 12 Days of Christmas (Backlog~been quite ill)

Nicely Spiced…reminds me of Constant Comment which I love…one of my fave Christmas time teas

Thank You :~}


Hope you are feeling better soon. It looks like New Years is translating into sick steepsters day.


I’m going to have to go get me some Constant Comment. Brings back some pleasant memories!


poor sick steepsters… hope everyone feels better soon!

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drank Gold Rush by DAVIDsTEA
129 tasting notes

what a decadent WHITE !

I am falling head over heels for David’s Teas
I have had so many fine teas shared with me…
all the new friends…
I love mulberries…a childhood dream…we picked and ate them quickly strolling down my grandfathers 120 yard driveway to his farm…
they “littered” the fenceline, and sweet mulberries are divine…
fast forward to 40 plus years in a white tea…mmm… coconut is a fave of mine as well and “Gold Rush” is a perfect name as you know you have come into some unexpected wealth…
I have been lucky to have had this “shared” with me for the
12 Days of Christmas, but I would not hesitate to purchase it…
Purchasing this would be my down payment on Heaven and memories sublime.

Roswell Strange

I’ve never had a fresh mulberry – but I love them in tea! I have a whole tin of this one :)

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48 yr old retired nurse from Indiana.
I have 5 kids, 10 GrandAngels,
an African Grey “Tanzi”

Some of my favorite teas are
Earl Grey,
(Super Love Verdant Blends~
Jingshan Earl Green, Golden Earl,
The Jolly Earl & The Earl of Anxi )

I also love Apricot Guayusa &
Creamy Eggnog from Butiki ♥

Sweet Dreams
from David’s Teas
Is the Best Chamomile I have tried

Bigelow’s Pumpkin Spice OR
Celestial Seasonings Sweet Harvest Pumpkin
For a Delish, yet,
inexpensive,Quick Fix.

I have recently tried a few flavored matchas from
Red Leaf Tea
I LOVE Eggnog, Cheesecake,Coconut, Caramel & Pineapple ~♡~Yum~♡~*

I love Verdant, Butiki,Red Leaf Tea,
Steepsters Select, David’s, AND
Harney & Son’s for providing quality tea in bags…
makes it so much easier to carry a quality tea with you ….wherever you go :-)
FYI, on swaps and such I would
no Darjeeling, Tulsi, Mate, chocolate
or toasted rice, thanks



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