Unearthed this from who knows when. Found it whilst digging through my sample sizes. I probably hid this away in my drawer when I saw the word “coffee”. I HATE coffee. Hate. Detest. And even for people who enjoy both tea and coffee, mixing the two just seems weird. I don’t care that there’s such a thing as ‘Dirty Chai tea latte’ it’s still weird.

Couple those two factors made this a sample I vanished into my drawer and since forgot about. Finally decided to get rid of it. Looking at the score on Steepster and my already strong opinions against it, I’m thinking this probably won’t go over well.

The liquor is surprisingly light for a black tea, especially considering there were cursed coffee beans floating around in it. I figured that’d make it pitch black. The aroma is pretty standard of a chai, but gives off the impression that it’ll be a sweeter than typical chai.

… And it’s weird. At the beginning of the sip, I get that weird fake banana flavor like that banana flavored medicine for kids. Then it starts tasting like peppercorns — though a bit stale probably because this is old — and then right at the swallow you get a small bite from the coffee beans immediately followed by a burning spice. If it weren’t for that weird banana-ness at the beginning, this would actually be pretty decent. The coffee beans don’t really take over. It doesn’t taste like a cup of coffee. Instead it tastes like a chai (with weird banana) but with a bit of a chalky finish that the beans provide.

It’s spicy, but not over the top reach for a cold-glass-of-water spicy. But again, that banana medicine taste is not good and ruins it.

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Hello! I’m a 24 year old Canadian, currently working at Starbucks while I figure out what I want to do with myself in life, haha.

Like most everyone else, I grew up with teabags, and then discovered the grass really WAS greener on the other side with loose leaf. Nowadays I drink nearly exclusively loose, but will drink a bagged tea if I don’t care what I’m having.

My favorite kind of tea is black, and unflavored, although I do enjoy an occasional dessert black. I like whites second best. I’ve recently been dipping my toes into honeybush tisanes, greens and oolongs.

My favorite vendors are Butiki Teas and Verdant Teas. Both have fantastic teas, above and beyond customer service (especially Butiki), and fair prices for their very high quality teas. I can’t recommend them enough.

Purely for tasting notes references, I don’t use any additives for my teas. Older tasting notes for blacks was with milk+sugar, and then with just milk. Whites, oolongs, greens and herbals are all drunk straight unless otherwise specified in the notes.



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