865 Tasting Notes


I was shocked to see that a company other than Adagio would think up something as crazy as this… and even more shocked they beat Frank to it.

WHOA!!! The aroma… Granted I’ve never smelled sweet potato pie… but this is weird! And incredibly strong.

I know Lupicia doesn’t use the standard water volumes, but I wanted to compare this as closely as possible to Adagio’s version so I’m going w/ 1 bag for a full 5 min (yikes!) in 8oz of just below boiling water.

Whoa… um… HELLO!… Well this certainly isn’t a weak cuppa. While I’ve only had sweet potato fries (nasty…), It’s my best guess that they pretty much nailed this. I’m greatful for the light creamyness of the marshmellow because I think it would be way too strong and harsh w/o it. There’s a bit of the starchy potatoe texture to the tea, but not as much as Adagio’s. This one is more sweet potatoey while Adagios is moreso just potatoey… and I prefer that one, I can barely finish the cup. There are some things (like beets) that I only like in tea… well, I guess I don’t even like sweet potato tea. You could do this in latTEA form, but I think it would be best neat topped w/ mini marshmellows.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

I’ve been curious about this one so I’m glad you tried it :)


Haven’t braved my sample yet, but I was thinking of topping it with marshmallows too!


There is a local ice cream brand that makes a sweet potato pie ice cream. My daughter loves it-I bet she would love this tea…


Or steep this in milk and make your own tea ice cream:)


So, if you like sweet potato fries, would you like this? Because I’ve got to say, I really, really want to try this one!!


I’d venture to assume so Jaime. I don’t like either one, but I think I don’t like either one for the same reasons so I’d venture to say one may like both for the same reasons.

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Marshmellow Mocha Chai! The marshmellow mocha creamer doesn’t quite scream “MARSHMELLOW!”, but I do almost immediately think “yummm… tastes like a s’more!” And for both of the flavors to be so out in front of this VERY spicy chai (although it’s a bit easier since I made this w/ milk and not water) is pretty impressive. I (heart) holidy creamers. Can’t wait to add this to Twinings Pumpkin Spiced Chai.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I seriously need to buy this…the list just keeps getting longer.


I wish Frank would hurry his tea blending butt up and make an instant version of Mayan Chocolate Chai:)


Marshmellow mocha creamer sounds so delicious!

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Ok, I admit these terrify me because I HATE red rooibos. It tastes like licorice to me. But I just had to try these cookies, because… well… their tea cookies and any food w/ tea in it is amazing. And yes, I’m having these for breakfast.

HOLY CRAP! I love when I’m wrong in situations like this! These are so yummy. The lemon and orange hit me right away, then a smooth sweetness from the vanilla and honey combo. And there’s no tea grit and no licorice flavor. The cookie itself is also more moist than the chai ones. I had this w/ a cup of their blackberry black (that doesn’t taste like blackberry) and the two went very well. I could easily shovel in the whole bag. These may be the best cookies not containing chocolate I’ve had. Although they would be better dipped in chocolate… maybe a chocolate made w/ Tipu’s instant chai?


This description made me so hungry!! I need to try some of these tea cookies soon!


lol…I really liked these cookies too! Glad you were pleasantly surprised!


I too was terrified due to the red rooibos, and I too was pleasantly surprised. Glad I’m not alone in the boycott of red rooibos! :)

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From Jaime!

I do not like banana flavored teas and I’m not a fan of coconut- but since a really under-ripe banana takes like cucumber, I’m hoping that’s what plantain tastes like in tea.

1 bag/8oz water/11min

Nope I was wrong. A strong banana type flavor w/ coconut coming in second w/ a solid but smooth green bush base. I personal “meh…” to me, but a must try for anyone that enjoys banana and/or coconut teas. Would probably be good as a latTEA.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

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This tea is from Jaime, but it was Meghann that suggested I have it w/ lunch. A large Mission Carb Balance whole wheat tortilla spread w/ hummus and topped w/ ham, shreaded cheese, and banana peppers, heated for 20 sec and then rolled. I only heated the wrap so it was easier to roll. It was cold when I ate it cuz I made it while the tea was steeping.

1 bag/8oz water/11 min

The raw leaf smells mostly of orange. The aroma was so strong it got my dog’s attention when I took it out of the bag lol.

The steeped liquor has a lighter aroma and looks very much like a combo of carrot and beet juice except it’s much more translucent and more pink than red.

Ok, I can no longer say that I don’t like anything w/ beet in it. This is a very smooth balance of fruit and savoryness from the carrot. It reminds me of a tea version of V8 V-Fusion. It went great w/ my sandwhich and I bet would go great w/ borscht!:)

This is amazing and based on my liking I’d give it a 100, but flavors would have to be stronger to earn it for accuracy, which is what I rate based on.

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

“I bet it would go great with borscht!” Definitely the first time I’ve ever seen that phrase! ;) I have a great aunt who used to make the stuff, my mom always referred to it as pink soup! I have not tried it as an adult, maybe I should. :)


Well amandajo, my best friend is Russian. :) They are actually refugees from what is now Estonia and her mother is a WONDERFUL cook. I’ve heard her borscht is amazing… and after drinking this tea I think there just may be a possibility of me liking it- something I thought I never would!

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drank Blackberry by Adagio Teas
865 tasting notes

I’m too cold to make match a this morning. I’m afraid my shivering will send my precious matcha powder all over myself and the kitchen, so I just nuked 16oz of this to have w/ breakfast. Still no change.


I didn’t like this one, either. :/


Tabby, I actually really enjoy it. I just don’t think it has any blackberry flavor.

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HELLO! Yeah, I’m awake now… probably not so good for 7pm. Good thing I’m planning on having a glass of wine later.

Dirty Chai Misto:
1 cup drip coffee
1 cup Fat Free Smart Balance Milk
2tsp chai

…Absolutely AMAZINGLY good! But I’m so glad this was half-caff coffee. Between the caffeine and the spices (and the need to drink it rather quickly so it doesn’t settle too much inspite of constant stirring), I’m a bit zombie-ish.

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I think only I would think matcha OJ goes well w/ a ham & hummus sandwhich.

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drank Blackberry by Adagio Teas
865 tasting notes

My sample was the perfect size to make a gallon iced. After I made my gallon, I heated up a 16oz mug. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE blackberries. They are the one fruit I will buy all year round if I can manage to find them and will even pay more for organic.

What a complete disappointment! For a person that doesn’t really like fruit flavored blacks; however, it’s a pretty good tea if you ignore the fact that it’s supposed to be blackberry. But I can’t. The base is smooth and medium bodied w/ just a hint of astringency that plays my tongue. Every once in a while I get a berry tartness, but as Suzi said, it’s not the focus here and I’m sure I couldn’t identify or even tell you it was there if I didn’t see the tin.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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Hmm… my 1st tasting note disappeared. To restate, this is from Jaime!=D

(Steeped for 11 min)

Had this w/ a ham, banana pepper, mozzarella, and roasted red pepper hummus (hummus was homemade- even the peppers were home roasted) on homemade whole grain pita. It actually went surprisingly well! The sweet mango balanced the spice and the chili paired well w/ the peppers. So yummy!

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more

I’m hungry now.


Yeah, your sandwich tempted me too!

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Are you a company or tea blender on sites like Adagio that would you like your tea reviewed? If so, please e-mail me @ [email protected].

What I most enjoy from obtaining samples from companies to review is that it helps me to better learn to drink and review teas from a more objective perspective, meaning more of the “This tea is…” point of view rather than the “I like/don’t like” this tea. I feel objectivism in tea reviews is EXTREMELY important because no two tea drinkers tastes are exactly the same. I’ve also been extremely surprised by several teas. I love recieving a sample I think I will be only writing an objective review on, only to completely fall in love with it upon tasting it.

Are you interested in redoing or starting your own tea related website or adding Search Engine Optimization? If so, please contact me at my work e-mail address: [email protected]

Tea tastes:
I will ALWAYS pick loose leaf over tea bags. I only drink bagged tea if that’s my only choice or I find a flavor that I can’t find a loose leaf version for. When I do drink bagged; however, I always weigh my bag and am constantly curious as to the weight/flavor ratio- sometimes I am quite surprised by the flavor punch of light bags.

I have a preference for organic and fair trade teas (preferably both), but would never pass up an amzing tea just because it isn’t organic and/or fair trade.

I love savory teas.

I’m currently searching for a chai flavored soy powder or a soy based chai mix (either already mixed or a recipe).

I hardly EVER sweeten my teas. I feel that sweeteners (unless flavored like tea honeys, brown sugar, ice cream topping syrups, flavored coffee syrups, etc) do not add anything to the flavor profile of tea- in fact, I’ve found that they dumb down the flavors.

I NEVER serve my tea over regular iced cubes- I always make tea cubes.

I LOVE cooking w/ tea and making smoothTEAS.

I LOVE tea blending.

I rarely drink herbal teas unless they are mixed with true teas. My favorite herbals to mix with true teas are: spearmint, peppermint, lemongrass, rose hips, and gingeroot.

I can’t stand anything w/ fennel or anise. Hot black teas (except orange pekoe bagged tea that you get when you go out to eat and chai teas) tend to upset my stomach.

I drink matcha daily and love flavoring it. I’m also in a constant search of preflavored matchas.

I’m constantly searching for information on how to prepare tea authentically according to its country of origin.

My Tasting Notes Ratings (edited 8/8/10)
1: I can’t even stand the raw leaf enough to make this (I’ve never owned a tea w/ this rating, but I’ve smelled some before buying resulting in me NOT buying them that were that bad)

2: I steeped this tea but couldn’t stand the aroma enough to get it past my nose

3: I immediately gagged at the 1st sip and spit it out.

4: I manageed to get the 1st sip down, but I tossed the rest.

5: I drank the 1st cup but I can’t bring myself to resteep

6: Made it thru the entire set of infusions but I can’t bring myself to tinker w/ the parameters and won’t be making it again.

7-10: Does not taste anything like the ingredients or name suggests (i.e. Adagio’s Sour apple)

11-25: I can taste some of the ingredients, but the flavor is severely lacking

25-49: Teas that I would not consider bad in their flavor profile, but certainly below average

50: Average.

51-69: Teas above averge, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling them “good”.

70-75: Very good, but still room for improvement

76-85: Above average flavor profile

86-90: REALLY good flavors

91-99: Almost PERFECTLY achieves the goal of the ingredients and name of the tea.

100: Abosolutely perfect teas!

Other Interests: GOD! and all things pertaining to Him and His children, my dog Madison, travelling, and coffee.

Favorite Music: ANYTHING Christian. I don’t normally listen to secular music, but I do love jazz and swing.

Favorite Movies: Romantic comedies mostly. My Sister’s Keeper, P.S. I Love You, Fireproof, National Treasure Trilogy (I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE 3rd ONE TO COME OUT!), Night at the Museum 1 & 2, Sister Act 1 & 2, Yes Man, Bruce & Evan Almighty, rarely watch animated movies but LOVE anything 3D.

Favorite Books: THE BIBLE!!! & My Sister’s Keeper

Favorite Quotes: “A sad soul can kill you far quicker than a germ”- John Stienbeck "

Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing”- Aristotle

“You should always carry burdens, but they should never be your own”- me

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” ~ Winston Churchill

“Mom was right, ‘because I say so’ is enough- at least when it comes to God.”- me

Favorite Foods: fried calamari, lemon chicken, anything w/ buffalo sauce.

Favorite Places: WA state, Switzerland, Orlando

Places I Want to Visit: Hawaii, Africa

Anything Else: I was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida which is the failure of the spinal column to close en utero. Because of this I am a parapelegic and use a manual wheelchair.


Oshkosh, WI



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