Just enough time for a cup or two more before I go, and this Pu-erh seemed like a good choice. I was wrong…it’s a GREAT choice!

Beautiful mahogany color and a subtle, mellow cup with a slight leather edge to it; nothing fishy at all like with some pu-erh. Drank a bit of the first rinse, but tossed it in favor of something slightly richer. I’ll be back. I have more!


I buy big bags of this one for John for Christmas every year. It is his go-to pu!

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I buy big bags of this one for John for Christmas every year. It is his go-to pu!

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I’ve heard others refer to me as a Renaissance man. I’m more apt to describe myself in a sentence ending with “…and master of none.”

I play music. I design and build things. I love art and quirky stuff. And I have a really cool wife.

In an attempt at a more graceful aging, I entered the wonderful world of tea for its health benefits in 2017. A home roaster and seasoned coffee-ologist, I dove quickly in, gleaning knowledge from every source possible and tasting all I could afford to buy, beg or borrow. Hundreds of cups, pots, bags and blends into it, I still consider myself a neophyte Steepster.

I’ve discovered I am a huge fan of Pu-erh, and quickly warmed up to Oolong and Yunnan Blacks, White teas, and Matcha.

Flavoring? Not really my thing. I can bear a little Jasmine in a Silver Needle, but given the plethora of sensory pleasures in the realm of tea, I’ll budget for a better tea over something with an additive.

I enjoy Tisanes, too. We buy herbs in bulk and blend for both benefits and taste. In that order.

My Somewhat Subjective Rating System:

91-100: An absolute favorite tea. So Far. You could create a reality TV show from my impulses to buy and hoard this one.

81-90: A favorite tea. I can overlook any inconsistencies it may have.

71-80: I like this tea. I’ll share or finish what I have, but it won’t make the reorder list.

61-70: Definitely drinkable, but doesn’t align my stars or anything.

51-60: Something’s not quite right. Could be quality, consistency, blending, or just personal preference, but not my favorite. I’ll still finish the pot.

11-50: Undrinkable for any variety of reasons. You won’t see a lot of these ratings from me, and I probably got this one as a sample; I tend to spend money on teas I know will appeal to me.

1-10: Was this really tea?


North Carolina

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