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I survived my first day back to work after 2 months off. VariaTEA inspired me to steep this one up now that I’m back from work, as my first cup of the day. This tea is so amazing. All the nuances never cease to amaze me. The chocolate notes are my favourite though. I love how smooth and rich this tea is.

Since I got back to the house an hour ago, I’ve been super productive and did dishes, laundry, swept the house, and cleaned out the bunnies, before sitting down with this cuppa to watch more Suits.


Yay for surviving work and enjoying tasty teas. Have you ever tried Yezi’s Jin Pin btw? I think you would be a fan as, at least in my mind, the two are similar.


I haven’t. I’ll have to add it to my wishlist. :)


I think I will probably order some in the future. If I do, I will be sure to send a sample.

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Cold brew time is up! Thank goodness for phone alarms, or else I’d forget things like cold brewing tea in the fridge.

Well, I have to say this one is weirding me out. Not because it tastes weird, but because it brewed up opaque. I immediately thought of Anna’s foamy opaque tea from this morning.

While it’s a good cold brew, I may prefer this one hot. And it may also partially be because hot it’s not opaque. Weird! I also preferred Luscious Watermelon hot too though.

I cold brewed this one for 10 hours.

Iced 8 min or more

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This one is delightful cold brewed. I brew this one up for 7 hours, and even though it still smells strongly of the combination of lemongrass and hibiscus, but the flavours meld and although they have a tartness, it’s not overwhelming at all.

Quite refreshing actually. I’m looking forward to the cold brewed Creamy Rhubarb as well.

As an aside, I’ve now watched 7 episodes of Suits. Harvey is so delightfully awesome.

Iced 8 min or more 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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This is a sipdown! I overleafed here because I had enough left for a cup and a half and I should overleaf more than I do with my oversized mug. I generally use the recommended amount of leaf, even with my oversized mug.

Anyway, the overleafing was glorious. I’m getting much more of the sweet cake notes now, along with the lemon-y goodness. Delightful.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

I was wondering if underleafing had something to do with the weakness I experienced. I’m always like “must make Butiki teas last”, but if that means every cup is mediocre then what’s the point right?


I agree. I follow the leaf instructions for a normal cup, even though my mug holds 15 oz., and generally I enjoy my tea, but every so often I find a tea a bit weak and I try overleafing. In this case, it helped. :)


I often do the same thing you do. I use my steeping mug most of the time which is the right size, but sometimes use a larger mug and forget to compensate for the size… usually still enjoy it anyway :)

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Steeped up this one on the continuation of Tea & Suits Day haha.

This one is creamy, yes, but the other flavours seem to just amalgamate. It’s a tasty tea, but I’m having trouble differentiating different chocolates and coconut. They just become one. All in all, a tasty tea.

I think I may work on some sipdowns next, because the teas literally cannot fit in my cupboard at this point, so I need to make room and get creative about fitting teas in.


Is this tea strongly flavoured though, do you think? is it creamy?


It’s creamy, but I wouldn’t say strongly flavoured. But not weakly flavoured, like you’re searching for flavour either. There’s flavour there, but it’s not overwhelming.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

Do you also get “yelled at” for having your tea take over the kitchen? Haha.


Hmmm, interesting.


Haha this is the first time there is actually tea taking up precious counter space and I’m working quickly today before someone gets back from work to remediate the situation haha!

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

Haha hope you were successful!


I totally managed to stuff them in there. It’s not ideal, but they are in for now. I can work on “ideal” over the weekend haha.

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drank Maple Taffy by Bayswater Tea Co.
740 tasting notes

I had a specialist appointment this morning, but my face had enough of a reaction that I want to lay low until tomorrow. Luckily, I’m off today so it’s TEA AND SUITS ALL DAY. Yes!

So I thought I would brew this one up properly, since I wasn’t completely thrilled with it the other day. I actually measured it out and steeped it just a tad longer, and it turned out much better.

The cinnamon makes it quite dessert-like, and the maple adds to that as well, but it’s more subtle than the cinnamon. I’m quite enjoying this one. It’s definitely sweet enough on it’s own, I couldn’t imagine adding anything. I’m curious about this one cold-brewed.

I also have Creamy Rhubarb and Berry Sunset cold brewing now.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 45 sec

I’m glad you like it better this time around, and hope you feel better soon!


I still find it amazing how much tea can change with just the smallest changes. Thanks. :)


I know, that really is so remarkable. It really reminds you to try more than once if you think there’s hope.

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Vancouver was amazing. :)

I’m glad I picked up 100g of this one, because it’s delightful. It’s a nice bold, yet smooth black. Great for breakfast especially, but also evidently, for evenings while we watch Flipping Out.

I’m really looking forward to trying this one with maple syrup.


Being back is the suck.

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This one smelled quite strong dry, so I was a bit wary to steep it up, but it turned out quite nicely. It’s a bit like lemonade with a hint of hibiscus.

It brewed up a medium pink, but I still expected a mouthful of tart hibiscus, but it was not be. The hibiscus is very light. I’m enjoying it hot, but I have a feeling it will be even better cold brewed.

This one is actually labelled as a ‘sun tea’. Perhaps that means I should brew it in the sun?

Boiling 6 min, 30 sec

Cold brewing is a more hygienic way of sun brewing… at least that’s what I’ve been reading lately when I was looking into cold brewing!

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I picked this one up on a whim yesterday, because who doesn’t love Market Spice tea? No matter where you get it, it’s always a delightful treat.

It strikes me as seasonal and reminds me more of Christmas, but I still enjoy it from time to time other times of the year. The orange, clove, cinnamon mix with a black tea base just works so well. It’s rich in it’s own way.

I just checked the tracking on a huge box of teas (huge, like 1.5 kg) I sent me friend in the US. When I first checked the tracking days ago all was well, and now the expected delivery date has changed, and the expected delivery city now says the same city it left from! Why, Canada Post?!

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I’m happy with this one. The dry and steeped scent is all rhubarb. Rhubarb is the best. And even better is that there is no hibiscus! YES. There is a creamy aspect here too, from
the yogurt no doubt. Overall a tasty herbal option.

I’m excited to try it cold too.


oh nice

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Lover of tea, animals, the ocean (http://eastcoastbest.tumblr.com/), science, travel, and all things summer.

That’s my mug!

I love black teas. I pretty well always drink my tea straight. I’m also fond of herbals, but they rarely make my permanent collection. I prefer my tea hot, but occasionally I’ll cold brew.

Oolongs I enjoy, but I’m not generally in the mood for them. I only truly enjoy subtly fruity flavoured greens. Whites have to be pretty amazing (see Butiki’s White Rhino).

Pu’erhs, rooibos (specifically red, I’m more open to green), honeybush, and matés are not my favourite. I tend to avoid them altogether unless others find them so amazing it would be a travesty to not at least try.

Coconut, creaminess, yogurt, toffee, cacao (true dark chocolate flavour), rhubarb.

Any smokiness, bergamot, flowers (rose, jasmine, chamomile), hibiscus is hit and miss.

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