515 Tasting Notes

drank Exotica by DAVIDsTEA
515 tasting notes

Lowering the rating only slighty, as sometimes this tea comes out a bit soapy.
Other than that, it’s still an amazing herbal-chai-type-tea and I just can’t get enough!

Still best iced, but not cold brewed!

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
515 tasting notes

I should learn not to putt ratings in my reviews, because when people go back and read my reviews and see that it’s not the rating I said previously… THE MADNESS!

I was happy to revisit this tea, but I’m sending the rest off in a swap to maison ^^ I will repurchase at a later date, as this tea is amazing (even if it does taste like banana bread without meaning to)

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drank Mayan Chocolate Chai by 52teas
515 tasting notes

No longer 100, as I seem to have lost the knack to make the tea taste like chocolate, however – this tea is great to throw in a half a teaspoon to a bland chai and spice it up just right. Only need a sprinkle though! :)

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So when I first fell in love with this tea, I bought 100g and drank it every day.
Oops, just like when I listen to a CD too much (CD, is that still relevant? haha) I get sick of this music, and I got sick of this amazing tea.

So it’s still amazing, but I killed it. I’m sorry Buttered Rum!

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drank Cashew Turtle by 52teas
515 tasting notes

After many tastings and resteeps and a few more cups, I have decided that this is, in fact, my new, solid, favorite 52teas.
(I’m taking today and doing a quick re-shuffle of ratings to what I currently think of the teas, as it turns out I am too a person who falls in love on first sip but has a hard time with commitment. haha!)

This tea is the only exception. Of course, the likelyhood of it being reblended is not in my favour at the moment, but wow.

I take this tea either 2 m steep time, straight or 4 minutes +resteep latte, with Rolo Nesquik on the top to be fancy . Dang that’s fancy.

Anyyoohoo, the caramel, the cashew, the chocolate and the tea base all satisfy me on a level I haven’t quite reached with other 52teas. Thanks Frank. Post Christmas re-blend? :D

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I gave this tea a try today, and I have to say I’m not a fan. Judging from the reviews I might have got a bit too much licorice in my cup!

I don’t mind licorice, but it sticks to the back of my throat in a strange way… anyways!

This tea wasn’t as minty as I was hoping, given the name. I looove mint tea with cream and spice teas with cream, so I gave it a try since this has both! It worked out pretty well, but again, a bit too licorice-y for what I was expecting.

I probably won’t go out of my way to try this one again. I’ve been having some bad tea luck lately o_o hopefully my tealish order will remedy that ^^

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drank Love Tea #7 by DAVIDsTEA
515 tasting notes

Okay, so I cold steeped this overnight and I HAVE to up the rating because this is a whole other monster! A delicious monster!

The strawberry has come out to plaaay! Not only that, but with an intense rich strawberry-ness with just a hint of rose and a chocolate/tea base. It’s like a fancy iced tea – what bottled iced tea should be. I am over the top happy with this discovery, and if anyone else has a potpourri problem with flowery teas (I hear ya Faith!) , try this. Holy mama. Deeelish!

Iced 8 min or more

Ooh, I’ll have to try this cold-brewed. Sounds great.


Nice, now I have to try this.


Mmmm sounds like one tea I might really enjoy cold!!


Oh, I never thought of that! In the winter the thought of cold tea never really enters my brain, thanks for the suggestion!


Oh do try!
I will usually at least 4 cups of hot tea a day, but when I need something thirst quenching, I’ve been trying to cold brew so I have a refreshing drink I don’t have to pay money for. So far this is the best experiment!!


Silly question – how do you cold brew a tea? Do you just put the teaball in a cup of cold water and leave it in the fridge for x number of hours?


Not a silly question at all!
to be honest, I’ve never cold brewed with a tea ball, just because I’m scared of leaving a metal ball in the water for that long – but it’s probably silly and you could probably do it! Yep, my preferred method is to just stick some tea in a bottle or jug and leave it over night, but you can get a good flavour with just a couple hours of cold brewing too. Hope that helped :)


Definitely helps! Do you put the same amount of dry leaf in as you would for a hot cup? I think I’ll try this tonight :D


yep I sure do! Let me know how it turns out!

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First of all: to my swap friends! I have a few swaps ready to send out (I have everything prepared for everyone I am swapping with at the moment), but our car is in the shop! D: That’s my main way to get to the post, but I’m hoping to send them out on Saturday (which means they will ship out on Monday, bleh! Apologies for the lateness, but know that I care so much about my steepster family!\

However I don’t care much for this tea.
Too similar in flavour to Gail’s Gold Remedy, I feel like I should be sick. and I adoore ginger, but I think more in food than in tea.

The puerh does give the tea a great earthy base that is quite unique, but sadly, not my tea of choice – no matter how good it is for me.

On a better note, I’ve been taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator! woop.


Not a fan either. At all.


I don’t mind this one. But I find I drink it more if I mix it up with an herbal. I especially loved it with Pink Flamingo.


Oh nice, I think I will give that a try as I have enough left for one more cup!

The DJBooth

Hey if you like to swap this one let me know.


ah sorry DJ, I sent the last bit I had to TeaEqualsBliss!
I’ll pop you a message if I get my hands on some more though :)

The DJBooth

No worries I’m thinking of purchasing it and saw your review.


I tasted alot of somthing I didnt like…lol im going to try it again and then give a reveiw but I really hope I like this one :) good reveiw I cant like things here latly it wont let me

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You can call me Daisy.

I’m a 24 year old (not so budding) thespian – just moved to the Maritimes from the Saskatchewan Prairies. I’m way too polite, aka Proud to be a Canadian. I love it here by the water – it must remind me of tea or something ;)

My favourite tea companies are DavidsTea and Verdant Tea. They please my palette in different ways – and I love them both for it.

My rating system is as follows:
95-100: I will stock it as soon as I can, if I haven’t already! Permanent collection worthy.

86-95: I would stock this tea if I could, but my collection is just too full to warrant it. But it is that good.

76-85: This is a tasty tea and I will have many cups and share with friends, but won’t go out of my way to keep it stocked.

50-75: It was alright! It was… alright! Not horrible, but I might not re-steep.

25-50: Ew. But I will finish the cup.

1-25: Please no, I want to dump it.

The Steepster community is my safe place. Thank you to all my tea friends!

<3 Daisy


Halifax, NS [Canada]



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