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This is what I wanted The Earl’s Garden to be! Not the gross bitter mess that it is. I digress:

Light and fresh Earl, with a twist! This twist is orange, and it compliments beautifully. It did not resteep very well, I had to dump the last half of my cup because something tasted off, but that first steep was lovely. Not overpowering, just right!

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drank Love Tea #7 by DAVIDsTEA
515 tasting notes

Mm this is a nice tea.
I swapped with a friend who found it too flowery – well it can certainly get syruppy and heady and strooong with too much leaf and too long of a steep.
I almost got headachy, but on my resteep it has mellowed out just enough.

The rose does seem to overwhelm, I don’t get much strawberry but the chocolate is there for sure! I feel like a queen when I drink this, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Thank you friend Kelly!


I agree with you about the roses being overwhelming sometimes… like drinking potpourri!

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drank Crème de Menthe by DAVIDsTEA
515 tasting notes

Minty… pencil shavings. haha! Not the pu for me.
But it was great to be able to try it!

It was a little too earthy and not enough boozy minty creamy goodness, for my liking.

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My morning cup, brought to you by the lovely Dinosara

Listening to Gorillaz, enjoying my Thanksgiving Day off. Yep. I work in the US Department of a life insurance company, so I get no Canadian holidays off, just American. I have to say, it sucks. But anyways! Here I am :) Sippin a tea latte.

I didn’t read Dino’s review before my first sips, but I agree with pretty much everything. I was struck by the dry smell, I want a candy that tastes like that smells :D Or some kind of preserve… droool. Nice strong bergamot and a sweetness, with light rose.

After steeping, I still get that yummy smell, but the bergamot is playing hide and seek! Just like my current quest on Skyrim [/nerd]. It’s a mostly floral tea, but I thought I would London Fog it up regardless. Steamed milk and vanilla to the rescue, but it’s just a latte, not quite a London Fog!

Still a nice morning tea, I feel all girly with the rose scented goodness surrounding me – I can almost forget what my greasy morning hair must look like n_-

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Revisiting this one and lowering the rating..

It’s been tart and plastic-like lately… I’ve tried a lower temperature, but I really think it’s the honeybush. Just not jiving with me lately.


Same fo me.. I want to like this tea but I don’t know why it tasted like soap the couple of time I tried it ..:s


Hmmm… My order of it is on the way. And I ordered 2 pouches of it. I am expecting to live it. Here’s hoping…


I think you’ll like it Nina! It’s just not my favorite is all, 82 is still an awesome rating in my books :)


I think the Cinnamon Roll is delicious… a great dessert tea!


I have a hard time with this one too. I love the smell but brewing it is a challenge…

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Revisited a sample from Jenn and upped the rating.

52teas’ flavour really does deepen and enhance over time. This one is sooo good with cream and sugar, the peach and blackberry still dance together over a crumbly crust. Mm!

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This one was a real treat! I actually got quite a bit of – oh, thank you Dinosara! – ahem. Quite a bit of orange flavour coming out and mingling with the bergamot. It was quite unique, and after just having the plain Earl, there was a great, bright, fruity/citrusy contrast with this tea. It really shone, and I savoured every sip.

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Didn’t get much of a smell on this dry leaf, but I’m revisiting some Erin Hurley swap items and I found this! So it’s been sitting there for a while haha.

Yum, I steeped about 1.5 tsps for 2.5 mins, it was pretty good! Creamy coconut, not artificial at all, and still a strong base of the green tea. The tea itself is slightly astringent but sweet and buttery as well, a perfect match.

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Thanks be to Dinosara, my Earl Grey Queen!

I haven’t had a proper loose leaf Earl in a while, but this swap gave me so many to sample ; 3; truly bless-ed!

This one was not as strong in the bergamot department as I usually like, but it made for a delightful cup. It wasn’t too bitter for me because I drank it at work, and the water machine here makes a less than boiling cup – perfect for pretty much all my work teas. So, yeah! Not much more to say about this one, but that it was classic and made my morning happy. :)


Haha, Earl Grey Queen! That’s quite a title! Glad to have been able to share some with you!


Not the most exciting tea review I know, but the sentiment is true! :D

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Not too bad, this is a bagged tea but I needed a Genmaicha and I was in Winners and.. well.. you get the picture.

The smell of the bag is really strong, woo, and I can’t see too much rice, but let’s give it a try. I’ll admit I had it a few days ago, but from what I can remember it was actually pretty nice. Not as roasty toasty as I like my Genmaichas, but not bad or bitter considering! Numi is a bagged brand I trust usually, so this will have a good life in my cupboard. Also so handy to slip one in my pocket for an emergency o_o


They have tea at Winners? Really?


Oh yes. So much tea. Well.. my Winners has a Homesense attached to it but they’re pretty much the same thing, so now I’m thinking it’s on the Homesense side x_x But yeah, crazy brands, sometimes horrible tea.. haha!


I know they have hair stuffs there, but I never noticed the tea before, though my Winners/Homesense is about half an hour away, and there is a standalone Winners a lot closer.


I love bagged teas for their portability, sometimes it’s just not possible to carry around tins and tins of tea with you everywhere!


Absolutely! And there are some nice bagged teas out there that do the trick :3

@Heather – the teas in our store are near the kitchen supplies, there’s also a bunch of different olive oils and other baking stuff around there, try that next time you make a Winners visit! :)

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You can call me Daisy.

I’m a 24 year old (not so budding) thespian – just moved to the Maritimes from the Saskatchewan Prairies. I’m way too polite, aka Proud to be a Canadian. I love it here by the water – it must remind me of tea or something ;)

My favourite tea companies are DavidsTea and Verdant Tea. They please my palette in different ways – and I love them both for it.

My rating system is as follows:
95-100: I will stock it as soon as I can, if I haven’t already! Permanent collection worthy.

86-95: I would stock this tea if I could, but my collection is just too full to warrant it. But it is that good.

76-85: This is a tasty tea and I will have many cups and share with friends, but won’t go out of my way to keep it stocked.

50-75: It was alright! It was… alright! Not horrible, but I might not re-steep.

25-50: Ew. But I will finish the cup.

1-25: Please no, I want to dump it.

The Steepster community is my safe place. Thank you to all my tea friends!

<3 Daisy


Halifax, NS [Canada]



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