Sometimes I think mangos are my favourite fruit. Then I remember watermelon! Sweet, juicy watermelon – oh yes! Both of these fruits can share the spotlight – but only when they are ripe, juicy and flavourful! Why did I pick some of the messiest fruits to be my favourite?

Luckily, the only thing that gets messy when I whip up a cup of this matcha is my cup and whisk! (…and my white shirt. That’s a story for another time) But hey! Virtually mess free! At least it’s not all over my face… although this matcha is delicious enough that I wouldn’t mind sticking my face into a huge bowl of it. Oh yes, can you tell that I am happy with this matcha? So happy! The flavour is sweet and true watermelon flavour! I like watermelon candies, but I hate watermelon jolly ranchers (too chemically), so I was very happy that this flavour lies between a watermelon flavouring and a real watermelon. That doesn’t really make sense, but I guess you’ll have to take my word for it lol.

Making this hot with a sprinkle of sugar takes it into treat territory! Seriously delicious matcha that has me drooling just thinking about it! Another great summer treat. Chopping up some watermelon to make a watermelon puree to go with this matcha (and a splash of vodka) is definitely on my to-do list.

I prefer my watermelon fruit straight from the fridge and icy cold, so it goes without saying that my favourite way to prepare this drink is ICED. I still haven’t gotten into the habit of just mixing matcha with cold water – so I mix it up double strong with 170 F water, add ice cubes and top with more water. This gives me a perfect result every time – no clumps (if I drink it right away!) and smooth as the rind of an in season watermelon. Oh yes, I went there.

For an extra treat, I experimented with cream and tried a “watermelon and cream” dessert tea. It was delicious! Let it be known – any fruit + cream = wonder! Too bad most flavours stick to strawberries&cream or peaches&cream, because I think I’m on to something here ;)
This also went well with vanilla soy milk and plain almond milk! I’m not picky – I always buy almond milk when it’s on sale because it’s so delish, creamy, and doesn’t affect my acid reflux! That’s the joy of these flavoured matchas – delicious flavour minus the calories! They don’t need milk and sugar to tantalize my tastebuds – even the basic matcha is smooth, grassy and even creamy! And so friends, here is the link to the watermelon matcha that haunts my dreams: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/watermelon-matcha.html


matcha thon!!


DRAT! You beat me! hahahahah

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matcha thon!!


DRAT! You beat me! hahahahah

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You can call me Daisy.

I’m a 24 year old (not so budding) thespian – just moved to the Maritimes from the Saskatchewan Prairies. I’m way too polite, aka Proud to be a Canadian. I love it here by the water – it must remind me of tea or something ;)

My favourite tea companies are DavidsTea and Verdant Tea. They please my palette in different ways – and I love them both for it.

My rating system is as follows:
95-100: I will stock it as soon as I can, if I haven’t already! Permanent collection worthy.

86-95: I would stock this tea if I could, but my collection is just too full to warrant it. But it is that good.

76-85: This is a tasty tea and I will have many cups and share with friends, but won’t go out of my way to keep it stocked.

50-75: It was alright! It was… alright! Not horrible, but I might not re-steep.

25-50: Ew. But I will finish the cup.

1-25: Please no, I want to dump it.

The Steepster community is my safe place. Thank you to all my tea friends!

<3 Daisy


Halifax, NS [Canada]



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