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Fare thee well $1 promo! I hardly knew ye…

This is what I chose for my iced tea of the day! I ought to pick up more because it’s the best blueberry tea I’ve ever had – it’s so SO flavourful and truly unmatched to anything else I’ve tried!

Best iced with a bit of agave, but also makes a kick butt latte!

love, Ash

Tina S.

I agree with this entire post. I’m going to miss the promo. My cup is already looking at me, empty, making me want to fill it.


I know! :( Until next year, right? :)

Tina S.

Until then I will have to fill it myself. SUCH a hardship ;)


When was the $1 promo? Did I miss it, or are you referring to the iced tea $1 totd with tumbler promo?

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Well well, here’s another matcha that took my tastebuds by surprise. I ordered the Belgium Chocolate matcha expecting, well, I didn’t know what to expect! Haha.
I’ve never had a chocolate flavoured green tea before, but for some reason I didn’t even blink or flinch at the thought of a chocolate matcha. It must be the faith in flavour that Red Leaf has instilled in me – if cotton candy works, why not chocolate, right?

There were a few more reasons I sprung for the chocolate – I had also ordered the strawberry and knew they would make an amazing pair! (Chocolate covered strawberry matcha, how sexy!), but I also have caramel and cheesecake matchas which it would also blend well with! Let’s not forget a chocolate covered banana iced latte (might add a little bit of english toffee in there as well for a Skor effect!)

What can I say? I feel like a matcha mad scientist. I’ve got a blending itch that I have to scratch!

What took me by surprise was just how chocolaty the smell and flavour was! The cocoa powder used in the blend must be of quality, because it is leagues better than the no-name powder in my cupboard. It’s silky and rich and has the quality of drinking chocolate. When I’m drinking it straight, I’m tempted to throw in a dash of cinnamon and cayenne for a Mexican hot chocolate flavour. Or maybe experiment on the savoury side with a matcha mole sauce – I would definitely be feeling like a mad scientist with that one, but hey why not! If the Food Network did something like that no one would bat an eye ;)

So far my favourite way to enjoy this matcha is as a hot latte with all the fixings! I whisk up 1.5 teaspoons of matcha with just enough water (175 F) to make a paste. I then add about a half of cup of water (same temp) and sweetener (white sugar for me) and whisk some more to dissolve the sugar. A simple syrup would also work! Now I heat up ½ cup milk and cream (half and half) in the microwave and froth it up with my milk frother. Add the half and half to your matcha, top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings! This treat is oh so comforting, and could even be recreated with soy/almond milk or 1% for a light but indulgent treat!

Before this matcha I hadn’t found a flavoured tea of ANY kind that was a “replacement” for treats. Yes, I am in love with the cheesecake matcha – but it doesn’t replace my cravings for a big fatty piece of creamy thick cheesecake. Nor does a chocolate cake tea turn me away from the frozen McCains delight sitting in my freezer. This tea, however, DOES cure my craving for chocolate and hot chocolate! Sometimes I get a real hankering for a package of powdered hot “chocolate” – but I don’t even consider this a “substitute” – it’s the real thing!

Find it here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/belgium-chocolate-matcha.html


Oh you inspire me! :)


I NEED to get this!

Matcha Outlet

You’d be happy to know that we are working on couple new kinds of chocolate flavors :-)


Ohhhh I am pumped! Yeah this matcha is amazing, I wish I didn’t work tomorrow so I could indulge tonight ;)

It IS sinful!

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Upping the rating a tad as I made a reeeeal good cup of iced tea with it this morning! 2 tsp brewed @ 175 for 3 mins and poured over ice – yuuuuum.

The flavour just keeps getting better and better, and although my pouch is pretty old (purchased from Ashley), I’m happy I held on to it for so long!

No bitterness, great buttery and vegetal sencha taste with delicious cherry flavouring and a hint of cheesecake. Yummy.

Edit: I should say – it is no fault of the tea that I just spilled it all over myself at work. Ah, refreshing haha


Awee bummer to lose part of that good stuff! Hope you didn’t stain your clothing!


Nope! Black uniform this month (they buy us different coloured shirts every month) so we’re good to go! :D

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I will probably use vanilla matcha instead of strawberry for this one.. but.. you guys: I ordered a Zoku! AH! I’M STOKED!
YAY for visa points to buy things for free when you’re broke!

This is the recipe that inspired me to buy the Strawberry matcha, even if I won’t use it in the recipe:



That thing looks awesome! I want one. :)

Tina S.

Oh man I love the strawberry matcha. Especially in a latte!


I had no clue what a Zoku was, but now I want one!!


I know! I have no room for the Zoku, but when I saw we had enough points and they’re usually over 100 bucks – I went for it! Next crazy kitchen gadget I want is a SodaStream :D




My boyfriend drinks a TON of flavored sparkling water so I have emailed SodaStream asking them to make black cherry flavoring so he can switch to one of those…mostly for the sake of recycling purposes but because I also want to use it hahaha. I wonder if I have enough credit card points for a Zoku now!

Rachel Sincere

SodaStream is not a crazy gadget! I’ve had one for 3 years now. It has saved me a ton of money and hassle in my diet Coke and diet Sprite intake.


I am sad to report my rewards program doesn’t have Zokus, though I could get an Amazon gift card to get one. I never have enough freezer room for popsicles, they are the best invention ever.


I definitely want to experiment with making my own syrup for the sodastream!
Oh Amanda, nuuu! I’m sorry :(
But hey, Amazon is the next best thing :D


Actually!!! I have a 50% off up to $30 off coupon for a kitchen store and they carry them, so I’m going to use it and keep holding onto the points for now. $25 for it feels far more awesome.


A friend bought me a Zoku some time ago, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out, yet. My mum wants to make the first popsicle (she’s as much of a kid as I am: wants to be there when I open boxes, pops bubble wrap with me, etc. =) ) and she hasn’t had a chance to come over and spend the time, yet.

@Amanda: You don’t need a Sodastream syrup. I have this, and it’s wonderful:

It’s unsweetened, but is naturally very sweet. I haven’t made my black cherry soda in a while, but I think I added only 1-3 tablespoons (I forget how much, but it really wasn’t a lot) to the Sodastream bottle, so the 16oz. bottle lasts quite a long while. Give it a try, I hope he likes it. =)


Oooh! Thanks, Nik! The water doesn’t have sugar either so that might be able to replicate it very well. If he doesn’t want to buy the Sodastream that might be his Christmas present with a bottle of that!

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When I purchased my last set of matcha, there were a few fruit teas I wanted to try. I knew for sure I was trying Belgium Chocolate and Cheesecake – so what fruit would go with those two? Hmm.. Strawberry Cheesecake matcha? YES. Chocolate covered Strawberry matcha? Double YES! And thus, Strawberry matcha was in my cart and a legend was born! Found here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/strawberry-matcha.html

How dramatic! Let’s get to the good stuff: as always, I fall in love with the first sniff. Cutting open the corner of the gold foil bag was like a flavour overload! The sweet strawberry scent was too good to be true – and happily for me, it tasted just like it smelled!!!

That can be rare in a tea, but I’ve come to learn that Red Leaf Tea sets their bar just as high as I set mine! That leaves me very rarely disappointed, and almost always happily surprised with the quality, scent and flavour! Strawberry was no exception!

(Excuse the amount of exclamation marks, I really can’t help it)

I ordered by my usual parameters: Basic Grade Matcha with Delicate flavouring. One day I will invest in tins, but right now I have a system that keeps my matcha fresh – a mix of the tiny tins from DavidsTea (from their “Wall” teas), and freezer bags kept in a special tin box. It’s pretty and I like it! I kind of thrive in a world of controlled chaos – it’s either the artist in me, or the lazy in me! Probably both – but I thought I should share my “technique” since the tins are a hot topic these days!

On to the taste! I truly was taken by surprise. The flavour is simple but so effective that from this experience, I can’t think of a better combination than matcha and strawberries. That’s not to say that RLT has amazing flavour combos and super unique matchas – there is something just so simple, comforting and naturally delicious about this Strawberry Matcha. It’s tangy and sweet – I prepared it first straight up with a bit of sugar, second as an iced matcha latte. The flavour was a mix between strawberry milk (I used to devour the stuff as a kid) and a melted strawberry milkshake!

This inspires me to get some good quality vanilla ice cream and whip it up in my blender with this matcha! I looove matcha icecream and strawberry icecream, so I can’t think of a better combo for a homemade matcha shake! Hello! Need to do this before summer ends though… it’s coming to a close 

At least this matcha can be a little taste of summer all year long!


Strawberry matcha shake, that sounds amazing!


Oooh I am so excited to try matcha. This one sounds so delicious!


It really is! Some of the most “plain” flavours are proving to be my favourites!


I need to get some vanilla ice cream. HOWEVER I have some apple pie ice cream from our local farmers market – made right there – I could mix that with caramel matcha, or pumpkin pie matcha, or… I am going to have to get to work! Thanks for the inspiration!

Daniel Scott

Strawberry cheesecake! That’s inspired, I stupidly never thought of that when trying to come up with combos I want to try.

Still holding onto my wallet to do Amaretto Cherry.

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uh oh, I tried that suggestion from Amanda and rubbed this all over half a watermelon- took a spoon to it and had a field day.


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Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for this morning tea!

Mike asked me for a good morning tea, so today was definitely an English Breakfast day. Bliss sent me enough for at least 3 little pots – thank you thank you! It’s always good to have some EB on hand.

This EB definitely has some darjeeling notes to it – there’s something fruity in the smell and kind of harsh in the taste that is different from my usual EBs (the ones I have on hand are pretty smooth with no kick) – but the kick meant it would hold up to some cream and sugar! Yes indeed – a great way to start the day!

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I still had a lot of this from one of my first swaps way back when with Dinosara! And so – I made a small pot of it.

It has a hint of chocolate taste to it surprisingly – and I definitely get pistachio! There’s a hint of bitterness, even though I only used 160 degree water – but it’s very tasty. I’ll probably make the rest into iced tea so we’ll see how it fares then!

So this is the fate of a tea that has been with me at least 10 months, simply because I was saving it for an occasion. I went geocaching, that’s occasion enough! haha

Rebecca Lynn


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Thank you to The Tea Merchant for the generous samples!

Today this tea was my muse, along with my new gaiwan!


Yay for mail! It was a very happy day when the mail man buzzed the door instead of just leaving a slip to go pick up the packages from the post office the next day. The thing is – my boyfriend works from home. We should never have to go to the post office! Anyways…

This tea smelled SO good, but sadly it didn’t taste the way it smelled (the other Tea Merchant teas did, so this was my only non-favourite tea). The oolong came out loud and proud – with a hint of tartness/sourness that reminded me of hibiscus, but only in taste. It was quite gentle and did remind me of a plum. You know when you get a plum that isn’t overly juicy and has a sourness to it? Just like that!

I’m very happy to be able to try this unique flavour – thanks again TTM!

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Uh oh, this tea is AMAZING.
Reminds me a LOT of DavidsTea’s Vanilla Oolong, which I haven’t had a taste of since the Christmas sampler.

As soon as I smelled the dry leaves, I had a serious craving. Like an addiction. Ah!

Working on a longer review for the blog – will post ASAP but first – prepping a chicken for the slow cooker. And enjoying this tea with some homemade English Muffin bread and honey! Happy Hump day!


Will you be posting that English Muffin recipe too? yummummumm


Absolutely! It’s only 4 or 5 ingredients too!


Hurray! I’ve been eyeing your pretzel recipe, too..


Oh wow! Sounds great!

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You can call me Daisy.

I’m a 24 year old (not so budding) thespian – just moved to the Maritimes from the Saskatchewan Prairies. I’m way too polite, aka Proud to be a Canadian. I love it here by the water – it must remind me of tea or something ;)

My favourite tea companies are DavidsTea and Verdant Tea. They please my palette in different ways – and I love them both for it.

My rating system is as follows:
95-100: I will stock it as soon as I can, if I haven’t already! Permanent collection worthy.

86-95: I would stock this tea if I could, but my collection is just too full to warrant it. But it is that good.

76-85: This is a tasty tea and I will have many cups and share with friends, but won’t go out of my way to keep it stocked.

50-75: It was alright! It was… alright! Not horrible, but I might not re-steep.

25-50: Ew. But I will finish the cup.

1-25: Please no, I want to dump it.

The Steepster community is my safe place. Thank you to all my tea friends!

<3 Daisy


Halifax, NS [Canada]



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