514 Tasting Notes

drank Prairie Berry by DAVIDsTEA
514 tasting notes

Oops – I thought for sure I reviewed this one already!
First of all, I’m a prairie girl (S’toon/Regina) and I loooove S’toon berries. Picking them off a giant plant was the best part about certain campsites. I would just stand there with a bunch of other kids and just shovel them in.

S’toon berry pies can be amazing or really bad – depends on the quality of berry. The big juicy berries make an amazing pie – the small hard ones make a crunchy/chewy type pie.

I digress! This tea smells soooo good – like a sweet, mapley berry pie! Sadly I can’t get the berry taste to come out in the steep. It tastes like a sweet, maple drizzled dark oolong – dry in texture, maybe a Taiwanese?

I’m definitely missing out on the berry flavour I get in the smell.

Okay now the important part! (lol) My birthday is next weekend and I’ve invited some new (non tea obsessed) friends for a tea party! I’m cooking and baking, trying my hand at some gluten-free treats as well, but I was kind of hoping for some tea party advice. I’d like to set up a little matcha tasting bar, I only have one big teapot, any advice or fun ideas on how to sample a bunch of fun teas? Thanks friends!


you might be able to pick up some tea balls at the dollar store so that they can make small cups of tea. ponders I’ll see if i can come up with some other creative things to do.


Happy Early Bday! Sorry no advice from me here – I have never had a tea tasting or party. :(


Thanks Azz!

Oh that’s a good idea Sil – dollarstore teaballs would save on waste from using a bunch of tea sacs – I will definitely look for those!


I’ve planned like 30 huge parties in my lifetime, I don’t know why planning a tiny tea party is proving to be hard lol

Although it’s not just that – I want to hear ideas from my tea friends!!


Happy almost bday! What a fun idea! If you only have one teapot maybe just have water available for people to brew their own tea? Just present basic brewing parameters and paper tea filters and they could do their own thing. Or! Get some pitchers or bottles and prepare a bunch of iced teas, which might be more appealing depending on the weather.

It’ll be great! Have fun with it!


happy birthday in advance! shooter glasses, if you have them (they also carry them at the $ store) you could prepare cocktails with tea base and serve them that way, I’ve done it this summer, green tea mojitos at it was a hit! Have fun!!


ah thanks so much for the ideas!
Wonderful wonderful, I’m so excited :D


Daisy, if you trying gluten free, take a look at this recipe:

I replaced the cocoa with some caramel matcha from red leaf. So good! also, no added fat! Tell that to your diet conscious friends. :)


Happy Birthday in advance! Sorry to read you have to restrain from gluten as well. Here’s some recipes/inspiration http://cookingwithtea.tumblr.com/


I can’t wait to try this tea! Like you, I grew up gorging on Saskatoon berries in the summer :)
Does Halifax have a Chinatown? You could get a bunch of little teapots for cheap, then give them as a thank you gift/“encouragement to continue drinking tea” gift.


oh i like that idea missmylin

Daniella T

Personally this is was I would do. Depending on how many people you are having you could always do the gung fu steeping (there is a cute teapot at DAVIDsTEA for that) then that way you can make a bunch of different teas everyone could get a sample and then they could make a cup of the one they liked the best.


THANK YOU so much everyone!
Such awesoem ideas, I’m looking into all of them! (Oh, I’m not gluten free, but a new friend is! Also my SIL is, so I desperately want to make treats for them! Thanks for the suggestions)

And I have the wee little gong fu style teapot from Davids, so that should help.

This has all been very helpful – I actually have NO idea if Halifax has a china town, I’ll have to ask around :) yay!

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Oof! Thanks to TeaEqualsBliss for sending this one my way!

It smelled so SO good – I brewed it up as per the package instructions – 3 mins in boiling water, and took a sip. Ah! My throat! haha it is a very spicy tea (to me) with a lot of hibiscus! This would be SO perfect to drink instead of neocitron when you’re sick, I think. Certainly cleaned my sinuses haha.

I put the rest in the fridge to try iced, it was too strong to finish the cup sadly. Very spicy and very.. hibiscusy? Anyways, it was SO unique and I certainly had fun trying it! Thanks!

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
514 tasting notes

2 Shoppers brand chai tea bags + half a packet rolo hot chocolate = Caramel Chocolate Chai. Um, yeah. It’s freaking amazing!

Today is not a fancy day. I have to work at 5. Silly evening shifts screwing up my Saturday night party (…not!)

This also works EXTREMELY well with homemade hot chocolate – throw in 2 chai tea bags and go to town. Really yummy. I add a dash of cayenne pepper with the regular hot chocolate, but this one will remain spicy-free and full caramel all the way!


I need to try this!!

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I have never had a tea like this before! A huge thanks to Derek from PTS for sending this my way!

The leaves in my clear gong fu pot are gorgeous. They are bright green and they dance ! I have never tried a leaf that looks like this before – the leaves are like tiny snap peas in the shell. They seem to stand on end as they steep – I am mesmerized by them in the same way I am entertained by flowering teas.

The smell is like a creamy, fresh spring oolong, but the taste is totally different. It is very much a green tea. The tip of the tongue gets hit with an astringency that slides to the sides of the tongue and leaves a sweetness in its wake. I get some butter in the smell, but not in the taste, although the texture is smooth and almost creamy.

“feel the recurring sweetness well up and linger in your throat.” This really does happen! It’s the same quality as licorice root – so I can see this being a very soothing tea for a sore throat.

As an every day tea, this one is a bit too astringent for my liking – but it is very high quality and a nice treat when I need a break from my pu-erhs! Thank you Derek :)


OKay I KNOW I have some form of dyslexia now I SWEAR when I first read the name of this tea it said: Hungarian Purry Freak!


LOL how cute! I have four purry freaks at home! :)


Aw give them a pet for me (if they like that lol)
Can’t wait to get a house so we can have our own purry freak <3


They will all get a cuddle form you – puppies too if you like puppies :) Okay they are dogs but they will always be puppies to me :)


Me too! Great minds ;)
I’m working on a flash game right now called Puppy Diving – really they are just dogs, but something about the word puppy is so much cuter than just “Dog Diving” lol

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Sometimes I think mangos are my favourite fruit. Then I remember watermelon! Sweet, juicy watermelon – oh yes! Both of these fruits can share the spotlight – but only when they are ripe, juicy and flavourful! Why did I pick some of the messiest fruits to be my favourite?

Luckily, the only thing that gets messy when I whip up a cup of this matcha is my cup and whisk! (…and my white shirt. That’s a story for another time) But hey! Virtually mess free! At least it’s not all over my face… although this matcha is delicious enough that I wouldn’t mind sticking my face into a huge bowl of it. Oh yes, can you tell that I am happy with this matcha? So happy! The flavour is sweet and true watermelon flavour! I like watermelon candies, but I hate watermelon jolly ranchers (too chemically), so I was very happy that this flavour lies between a watermelon flavouring and a real watermelon. That doesn’t really make sense, but I guess you’ll have to take my word for it lol.

Making this hot with a sprinkle of sugar takes it into treat territory! Seriously delicious matcha that has me drooling just thinking about it! Another great summer treat. Chopping up some watermelon to make a watermelon puree to go with this matcha (and a splash of vodka) is definitely on my to-do list.

I prefer my watermelon fruit straight from the fridge and icy cold, so it goes without saying that my favourite way to prepare this drink is ICED. I still haven’t gotten into the habit of just mixing matcha with cold water – so I mix it up double strong with 170 F water, add ice cubes and top with more water. This gives me a perfect result every time – no clumps (if I drink it right away!) and smooth as the rind of an in season watermelon. Oh yes, I went there.

For an extra treat, I experimented with cream and tried a “watermelon and cream” dessert tea. It was delicious! Let it be known – any fruit + cream = wonder! Too bad most flavours stick to strawberries&cream or peaches&cream, because I think I’m on to something here ;)
This also went well with vanilla soy milk and plain almond milk! I’m not picky – I always buy almond milk when it’s on sale because it’s so delish, creamy, and doesn’t affect my acid reflux! That’s the joy of these flavoured matchas – delicious flavour minus the calories! They don’t need milk and sugar to tantalize my tastebuds – even the basic matcha is smooth, grassy and even creamy! And so friends, here is the link to the watermelon matcha that haunts my dreams: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/watermelon-matcha.html


matcha thon!!


DRAT! You beat me! hahahahah

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Why yes, I am drinking Cotton Candy matcha and watching corgi puppies while I write this review, thank you for asking. How could I not pair 2 adorable things in one. I have a cotton candy body spray – it may be made for children, but I care not! I will cover myself in the cute delicious smell and go out on the town! Yes. Cotton Candy is adorable to me. Adorably TASTY. You have to love the way it dissolves and covers your hands with sticky residue. I would much rather be covered in cotton candy than cheesy Dorito dust. Just sayin’.

There was no way in the world I was not picking up this matcha blend. I’ve had some great tasting cotton candy teas in the past so I knew it could be done! Also, I have this vast collection of cotton candy flavoured drink recipes to be made – and remade – matcha style! Pinterest can be very inspiring! The one that is most intriguing in a cotton candy lemonade, where you just pour sweet lemonade over a glass full of cotton candy. Has anyone ever tried matcha lemonade? That is pretty much what this matcha was MADE for, and I wish I had some friends to come have a summer party so I could make some and not get heartburn from drinking the whole pitcher. So, you’re invited! Just let me know when you’re coming so I can clean!

Yay! This Cotton Candy matcha takes me to my happy place! Fun times at the fair under a hot blue sky – that is what cotton candy is to me. I got the basic matcha with the delicate flavouring and it is just perfect! So much yummy cotton candy flavour – and it really blows my mind, because it doesn’t just taste generally sweet and sugary – it actually tastes like spun sugar! Bright pink and blue spun sugar that just melts on your tongue.

I enjoyed this flavour of matcha hot – but it also made a very refreshing and energizing iced tea. Since Cotton Candy is such a summer flavour, I was happy to have it by my side on a sweltering hot day. It is especially good sprinkled on some real vanilla icecream. Have you ever tried cotton candy ice cream? It’s usually made with a pretty cheap ice cream brand, and although it’s usually delicious anyways, it doesn’t even hold a candle to a high quality ice cream sprinkled with this wonderfully flavoured cotton candy matcha. A cold, sweet treat on a hot day!

Thank you for breaking the flavoured matcha mold and coming out with this great array of flavours, Red Leaf Tea. It’s inspiring, summery and delicious. It opens a lot of doors for all sorts of drinks, desserts and treats! Here it is: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/cotton-candy-matcha.html


matcha thon


OMG this is one I want to order! :) Yay!


I’m hesitant to try Matcha, but holycrap, I want to try this Cotton Candy version! YUMS!

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drank Cola Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
514 tasting notes

Okay, this one did not even cross my mind to try! It just sounded a little too strange.. well.. and also because other cola flavoured teas have not treated me well. (I’m looking at you Cherry Cola!)

Hey, I’m a nice guy. I thought I would let Mike help pick one of the Matchas in my last order. He’d been loving them iced in the summer – a great alternative to coffee and a fresh way to start the day and get a kick in the butt! Haha. So I make him scroll through the huuuge list of flavours, and what does he choose? Why, Cola Matcha of course!

When I opened the bag, the smell was uncanny! It actually smelled carbonated! Reminded me a lot of Cola flavoured freezies. That brings me to another reason I was a little nervous about this flavour: I hate-loathe-dislike-and-despise flat pop. It may as well be straight up syrup. And WARM?! Ugh I’m shuddering just thinking about a glass of flat warm pop being placed in front of me. So! I knew from the get-go we would not be drinking this hot! Haha

We whisked some up, iced latte style, but instead of topping with milk I topped with some ice cold filtered water. The smell was still true to a freshly opened bottle of cola – I still expected to hear the popping noises of a carbonated beverage! First sip?… wow. It tastes like Coke. And not in the bad way! (Has anyone gotten around to mixing this one with vanilla or cherry?) Hey what am I talking about, I have some vanilla left! Vanilla coke, I am coming for you!

Anyways – yes! It is so good! And Mike’s review? “Ohhhh I liked it… but – it didn’t taste like tea, it tasted like pop! Don’t you think? Mm.. I like it!” haha simple and true. Michael is happy with his choice, but luckily, so am I! I’m not sure if I totally agree that it tastes only like pop. Personally, I can definitely taste the slight grassiness of the matcha – and of course the distinctive green colour that goes with it! There is also a slight astringency that I definitely associate with matcha and not pop.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to kick the cola addiction. This has pure cola flavour without all the dyes and sugar. By all means, add some sugar to this matcha, but it doesn’t even come close to the amount you would get with a cup of real cola! In my opinion, it’s just, if not more, delicious. Here’s the link to this crazy matcha: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/coca-cola-matcha.html

And now, to wait for Dr. Pepper flavour. Hey – Dr. Pep freezies exist! The matcha in just a matter of time…




:) Awesome!

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Everyone seems to have one or two flavours of matcha that just don’t quite agree with their tongues and tastebuds. Sadly (super sadly!) this is that one for me! Happily, there are still some delicious aspects of this matcha, so here’s my fair review : )

Pina Coladas are my favourite tropical boozy drink! Okay I’ll also drink them without booze, but that kick of rum keeps me happy. Haha! I love the creamy texture of ice cold, slushy coconut milk with the tang and sweetness of fresh pineapple! A drizzle of grenadine and I’m taken to my happy place. To be fair, I haven’t had a pina colada quite like the ones in Cuba. That was my only hot resort holiday, so it has lots of good memories and good drinks.

I was hoping to recreate that deliciousness by making a slushy, creamy, matcha smoothie with this matcha! To be fair, that was the best result, after trying this hot and as an iced latte – slush was the way to go!

Hot, the matcha had too much of that chemical taste that seems to occur sometimes (hasn’t happened to me yet – first timer!). The flavour isn’t really meant to be hot, though, so I tried it iced next! Iced was a bit better, but there was something a bit off that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It could be that too much flavouring was in my batch? That could be, as there is pineapple, coconut and rum flavour in this matcha – but who knows, it could be one flavouring altogether and I’m just crazy! I digress, the iced wasn’t quite working for me either. (An iced latte is definitely the way to go though, and next time I will try it with coconut milk! I even have some pineapples in the freezer I can pop in as well.)

My Pina Colada Matcha slush might have been better, but I used waaay too much matcha by accident, so it was a bit too strong in the flavouring department. I just crushed some ice with agave and milk to make the slush, so as the ice melted it did become more palatable. I really think the trick for this one is to make sure to use around 170 degree water (that tempers the bitterness) and use a little less matcha powder that you would usually. With other flavours, I could go crazy and dump 3 tablespoons into a cup and it was palatable (and energizing!), but less is more with this particular blend!

When I’m out of this tea, I think I will order some coconut and pineapple separately and do some blending of my own! I still have total faith in Red Leaf Tea – they hook me up with delicious matcha, and I can’t wait to try more flavours! This particular flavour can be found here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/pina-colada-matcha.html


Matcha-Thon! Too bad it wasn’t all that great tho!


That’s okay, it just makes the other ones taste even better! lol


I’ve started just using room temp water for most of mine, no problems then!


Yeah, they dissolve very well in low temps, hey? Good call!


I have yet to find ANY Pina Colada Tea I enjoy.

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drank Mango Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
514 tasting notes

Had a taste, and it’s still just as good!
Looking at the other reviews, I think I got really lucky with my mango flavouring – it’s not chemical tasting at all, but it’s almost gone and maybe I’ll keep it that way.

There’s so many other flavours to try!


what level of Mango flavor did you opt for with yours? And did you use the basic Matcha or one of the better quality ones?


YAY! Matcha-Thon!


The smallest level for this one – the only matcha I’ve tried with more flavouring was the Caramel, and they’ve all been the Basic Matcha base so far! My next orders will be trying different qualities of matcha, but for now the basic one has been working well for me!


Although I don’t think I’ll press my luck by getting more mango haha!


I find that with the flavored matcha, I don’t seem to mind the “basic” matcha so much. Now, I don’t know that I’d be keen on the basic Matcha if it was unflavored. But the flavoring seems to fill in the gaps, so to speak. So far, I’ve ordered all of them with distinctive flavoring, except for one which is on its way.


Exactly! I agree 100% – if I’m going to have a ceremonial grade, it’s amazing just on its own! I’m curious to try some more with distinctive flavouring, or maybe higher – Cheesecake definitely.




it’s going to haunt my dreams until I order it! ; 3;


I almost ordered the cheesecake too… but I already had selected four flavors so I decided to be patient and wait until next time… next time, cheesecake and the peach!

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Enjoying a cup as soon as I woke up today! What an amazing way tot start the day.
It tastes like I’ve sweetened it with honey (I haven’t), and each sip transforms from a caramel note, to something more grainy, to something dry and crunchy but always sweet!

I’m sadly out of my favourite Canadian Grains bread by Dempsters – but it toasts up to a great sweet crunch with all of the whole grains – that would pair very well with this tea.

Grocery shopping today! But until then, I’ve been watching this 24/7 Live Corgi Puppy Cam. It’s taken over my life!


OMG! So freakin’ cute! They look like lil drunken’ Sailors! LOL :)
One of our 3 dogs is a Corgi/Lab Mix – he’s hilarious!


Don’t they! Stumbling around haha! Oh wow what a fun mix, he must have a lot of adorable energy !! :D


I’ll have to start posting some stuff…I have a bunch of pics on my FB but will have to start a photo thread somewhere

Hesper June

Well, I was going to do stuff today, but forget that.
Drink Tea and watch puppies!!!


@Bliss – I would loooove to see some photos! :)


I apologize in advance to anyone who is glued to their computer screen for the entire day, maybe more. I’m sure the stuff can wait, right HJ? lol

Hesper June

Haha! Well, Daisy, I am supposed to milk my neighbors goats while she is away at funeral…so, no..goats are not real patient.
But, I just hoped nothing too darling would happen while I was away;)

Jim Marks

Set up a web cam to record what is broadcast by the web cam so you can catch what you miss while you’re off milking.

May the memory of your neighbor’s departed be eternal. Ya Rabbu rham.

Hesper June

Thank you, Jim.
Yes…they need a puppy DVR so you can go back and see if you missed anything thrilling.
Although, these guys seem to just do a lot of sleeping.

Jim Marks

Much like the two fur balls I have at home, they somehow manage to be very cute while just sleeping.

Anyone else a fan of Cowboy Bebop? Great Welsh Corgi action in that.


Yes! Ein! My first corgi love, and such a great dancer ;)

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You can call me Daisy.

I’m a 24 year old (not so budding) thespian – just moved to the Maritimes from the Saskatchewan Prairies. I’m way too polite, aka Proud to be a Canadian. I love it here by the water – it must remind me of tea or something ;)

My favourite tea companies are DavidsTea and Verdant Tea. They please my palette in different ways – and I love them both for it.

My rating system is as follows:
95-100: I will stock it as soon as I can, if I haven’t already! Permanent collection worthy.

86-95: I would stock this tea if I could, but my collection is just too full to warrant it. But it is that good.

76-85: This is a tasty tea and I will have many cups and share with friends, but won’t go out of my way to keep it stocked.

50-75: It was alright! It was… alright! Not horrible, but I might not re-steep.

25-50: Ew. But I will finish the cup.

1-25: Please no, I want to dump it.

The Steepster community is my safe place. Thank you to all my tea friends!

<3 Daisy


Halifax, NS [Canada]



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