1040 Tasting Notes

drank Brandy Oolong, Ruby 18 by Tealux
1040 tasting notes

WOW – this is one of the strangest straight tea’s I’ve ever drank. This is grape oolong, this is more grape than some flavored oolongs I’ve had. Weird, strange, interesting – in a good way. Wouldn’t say brandy, but this is fruity and GRAPE all the way.
It’s really dark, almost black, with just a hint of oolong woody and then the grape – wow – did I mention the grape?
Thank you so much Ubacat for introducing me to this one. Will pick more up with my next Tealux order.


Cool, I was thinking of trying this one.

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drank Brandy Oolong, Ruby 18 by Tealux
1040 tasting notes

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drank Sichuan Caravan by Verdant Tea
1040 tasting notes

I need to rethink my aversion to licorice root. It’s something that I avoid at all costs, and then something like this comes along and I don’t hate it.
The ginger is more predominant to my tastes, and there is a little fruity, some earthiness. Interesting blend for sure.
Thanks so much scribbles for sending some of this my way – would have missed this one if you hadn’t sent it to me. :))


love this one heh


I know what you mean about licorice root. In this tea, it was definitely done right.


I definitely don’t have a licorice adversion, but it’s nice when it enhances and blends well with other flavourings when it’s not supposed to be the star attraction!


I agree – it could have just taken over this blend, but this is well done, well balanced, nothing is really the star of the show, it just all works together well.

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drank Capri by Harney & Sons
1040 tasting notes

I received a sample of this from the wonderful TheTeaFairy. Thank you so much.

This is just weird to me. Fig, vanilla, lemon, black tea. Not sure what it is that I don’t like, maybe the lemon – or maybe it’s just the combination of flavors.
Whatever it is – this doesn’t work for me.
Sorry Fairy, I know you like this one.


I liked that one too. But I think not enough fig for me;). You should drink it chilled

Cameron B.

I love fig and vanilla, but I’m not sure about the lemon… You’re right, it is a weird combination. I’ll definitely have to try this one sometime, though. :)

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drank Tart Apple by The TeaCupany
1040 tasting notes

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drank Hibiscus Berry Rose by Verdant Tea
1040 tasting notes

I’m actually drinking this one hot, but I’m quite sure that it would be really good as a cold steep.
I’m getting mostly berry, some tart – but not as much as I was expecting, and only a hint of floral at the end. I’m not really into florals but this isn’t too much, so I’m ok with it.
I’m happy to have tried this, but I don’t think it’s something that I need to keep stocked.

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drank Healthy Edge by Tealux
1040 tasting notes

TheTeaFairy included this sample with the very first box she sent me. That seems like a long time ago. So in my quest for cupboard organization, I’m trying to drink some of the samples that I still have lying around.
I’m not really into “drink tea because it’s good for you” – but I do have a guilty pleasure of these “wellness blends”. I normally like that they’ve just dumped a whole lot of stuff into a tea.
This tastes like a wellness blend, a little fruity, a little citrus, a little eucalyptus. I quite like it. Not something I would reach for all the time, but when craving something strange, this would quite fit the bill.
Thanks Fairy – I liked it.

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drank Boatsman by RiverTea
1040 tasting notes

This was the sample included with my RiverTea order. This is not a tea I would have chosen on my own.
The ingredients make it sound really weird. Mango, banana, cinnamon, vanilla? Don’t think so….

Really all I’m getting is cinnamon and vanilla in a black base. It’s nice and light, not in your face offensive, but I’m not getting any fruit at all. This just confirms that this one is not for me, but always happy when companies include free samples for you to try.

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The lovely TheTeaFairy was kind enough to send me a tin of this.
It’s really nice cold steeped. I think it’s a nice balance of citrus and passion fruit – there might also be a hint of berry hanging around.
This is pretty tart and I did add some sweetener, but I like iced teas a little bit sweet so that’s ok with me.
Thanks Fairy – I will continue to enjoy this one as long as this heat continues.


Yay! Glad I found a nice home for it :-) i hope the heat doesn’t last too long though so you can enjoy a great hot cuppa!!


I thrive in heat…jealous!!! :) Felt like autumn in TO for the last couple of days.


Then you should have been here today. It was sunny 33C with humidity something like 39C, I don’t mind warm, but it was suffocating hot :))
I will be happier tomorrow with a more reasonably 27C.

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drank Berry Party by The TeaCupany
1040 tasting notes

This is crazy good cold steeped. Not too sweet, not too tart. Yummy!

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C.S. Lewis – “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

I needed to update my profile. I joined Steepster 03Mar13. I am just amazed at how much my tastes have changed since then.
When I discovered loose leaf tea about a year and half ago, I didn’t know anything other than my local Davids and Teavana/Teaopia. Stumbling onto Steepster CHANGED EVERYTHING.
Hello, my name is Dex I’m a tea addict.
I’ve been through the “I need to try every single tea out there” phase. I really hope the worst of that has passed. I’ve learned enough to know that I only need to try HALF of all the teas out there. LOL
When I started this journey, I was all about the flavored rooibos and fruity tisanes. Don’t get me wrong there is still room for dessert (chocolate/caramel/nutty) Rooibos teas in my cupboard and I still do enjoy them, BUT I am quickly learning to appreciate the some of the straight teas of the world.
Big bold (but not icky)pu’erh is suddenly my favorite, followed by woody/roasted oolongs. I’m just starting to explore straight black teas, and have found some that I really like.
Generally speaking I’m not into greens at all, only like the occasional green oolong, and white teas are just too mild for my tastes (unless they are fruit flavored). I still enjoy really good fruit tisanes, but am now cold steeping them.
I don’t like floral/herbal blends, and mint anything is not on my preferred list.
I am still exploring new teas, adapting to my changing tastes, understanding more every day how little I really know about tea. Ultimately I would love to find approximately 50 teas that I just “can’t live without” and always have them in my cupboard. That might not be practical, but that what I’m searching for. It’s going to be a fun journey.

All in all, I love this site. I’ve met some wonderful people, and have gotten to try some amazing teas because of them. It really restores your faith in humanity when you get a note saying “oh by the way I sent you some tea”. Wonderful, generous, people here.


Manitoba Canada

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