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Although teavana irritates me to death, this is an essential black tea for any tea fan out there.

Ovy Ortega

I know what you mean. They sell tea like used cars and bought by Starbucks. Now that does give me a certain tea bitterness.

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I bought this on a whim because i was low on cash and didn’t have the gas to get to the nearest place that sells my usual tea, so I swung into a local food market and picked this up to get my irish breakfast fix. I was a bit sad to find that it wasn’t quite as robust a tea as I’d have liked, but still a decent tea, not quite the most flavorful, but not as bad as your typical grocery-store tea bag. (oh, also I tend to lean more towards loose-leaf teas, so this is a somewhat unusual choice for me). Recommendable, but not recommended.

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Tea. Heavy Metal.


Virginia Beach, VA

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