I have some problems with anxiety, and this tea is a godsend. It is so relaxing, it makes it so I can keep calm and keep working if I need to work, and sleep peacefully if I need to sleep. I’ve tried a couple other lavender teas to compare, and for both the relaxing effect and the pure lavender taste, nothing beats Harney & Sons super blue.

Lavender is probably one of those polarizing, love-it-or-hate-it flavors. I personally love everything about it, down to the sharp minty-herbal quality it can have. This lavender is more floral than herbal, and if it’s brewed lightly it’s pretty soft, but it does have that cool camphorous edge to it, which I enjoy. It has a lot of natural sweetness to it as well, and adding just a smidge of sugar gives it a nice anise-like herbal sweetness. It has such a gorgeous floral aroma, I almost want to make the tea just to smell it.

Don’t let the color fool you though, it is strange looking. It can range from an oddly alluring dusky purple-blue to a dingy, off-putting gray to pale green, I’m sure there’s some trick to controlling the color, but I don’t know it.

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I’m new to tea as a hobby, so my taste isn’t too refined, but my favorite teas are spicy, especially with lots of cinnamon, ginger or cloves. I also like fragrant floral herbal or white teas, and I’m interested in trying weirder florals like lavender. I also like flavored teas, Art of Tea’s Coconut Creme tea is a recent find that I really enjoyed.

Perfume is another hobby of mine, which is actually what led me to tea. They’re not actually all that different, surprisingly enough.

My rating system:

0: You couldn’t pay me.
25: Not my cup of tea
50: Meh, I’d drink it if a friend made me some, but I wouldn’t buy it.
75: Good! I’d buy this from time to time.
100: I would hunt this tea to the ends of the earth!


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