558 Tasting Notes

drank Oriental Spice by Adagio Teas
558 tasting notes

Just got this tea in the mail today along with Adagio’s Cream tea. I have been craving a Chai/Spice tea and had to try a cup right away.

I boiled 2 cups of water, kept it boiling as I steeped two teaspoons of tea for 5 minutes and then removed from heat and added 1/2 cup of whole milk and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar. I stirred it up and poured a cup.

The aroma is sweet and spicy, even through my allergy stuffed sinuses. (I don’t know what I’m allergic to in the bitter cold we’re getting here, but that’s another story). The taste is sweet, I can taste the black tea and the spices, although I can’t really pick them out individually. I enjoy this mix, it tastes like a lighter spice version of some of the chais I enjoy. Maybe I’ll try this tea black, but adding milk and sugar to it really compliment it.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

I haven’t tried it w/ oriental spice, but I love their chai blended w/ an equal part cream. Was this your intention in purchasing the 2 together?

Meghann M

I read that cream blended well with other flavored tea. I wanted it mainly to mix with some of my tisanes from Teavana, but yes, I do want to try it with the Oriental Spice.

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Drinking a cold brew infusion I left steeping in my fridge overnight and WOW is this so much better than hot brew over ice!

The flavor is so much smoother, it lost some of the tartness of the berries and is now a delicate, sweet berry on my tongue. Lemon plays around with the Raspberry quite nicely. I didn’t think this tea could improve from it’s previously high status, but it has. I must have more of this tea!

Iced 8 min or more

That sounds really good…I need to try that with my next batch from Teavana.


Now you got me thinking I should go pull out my Rasperry Lemon Riot and make a big pitcher of it iced! It’s still a bit chilly here maybe I’ll wait for a warmer day. Thanks for the idea though.

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drank Peach Black by Stash Tea
558 tasting notes

I was making space in my cupboard for my Adagio tins on the way (only 2, but still want them front and center) when I found a few bags of Stash Peach Black left. I needed a pick me up this morning so I made a cup to enjoy while getting ready for work. It’s not bad for a bagged tea. Gave a rich dark caramel liquor after steeping for 2 minutes and smells strongly of peach. It does have a bit of a floral aftertaste. Might try the last few bags iced, as I believe this is one my husband would like (as it tastes like lipton iced). I can’t get him into other teas yet.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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This tea is always great when one has a cold, sinus stuffiness, upset stomach, any ailment that makes an excuse to drink a hot cuppa.

I taste the spearmint and peppermint and an aftertaste that could be the tarragon, but not sure I’ve ever tasted tarragon so I’m not certain. Very refreshing tea. I enjoy the strong mint aroma and great mint flavor of this one.

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drank Azteca Fire by Teavana
558 tasting notes

I blended with this tea with equal parts of Sour Cherry Serenade to get a Cherry Chocolate effect. This time I used 2 teaspoons to 10oz boiling water. Steeped for 3 minutes. Liquor brownish with a bit of what I assume was chocolate floating near the top. Smells like strawberries and cocoa, not much cherry. Tastes like sour cherry with a chocolate after taste. This time I’m not getting much of the chili burn.

Not sure what it is, but something in this makes it curdle when I add milk, even non dairy creamer. Maybe the cherry? I brewed it as is this time.

I think I like this better as Azteca Fire by itself. Not much of a sour cherry fan.

Edit: a few more sips in and wow am I getting chili flavor. It cooled down a few degrees and I do like this tea a bit more.

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This afternoon I decided to cold brew a few scoops of this mixture after reading about the cold brewing process online.

I did a quick rinse of the tea leaves with near boiling water for 30 seconds, then filled my bodum press with cold water and let steep in my fridge for 5 hours.

I love the beautiful bright orange liquor. The taste is light and fruity. A light taste of the smooth green tea with a bit of sweet and tart orange.

Iced 8 min or more

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drank Tazo Chai Tea Latte by Tazo
558 tasting notes

Had a coupon for a free drink at Starbucks so I opted for this. I do like the Tazo chai tea bags with milk, but this is too sweet for my liking. It does have strong cardamom and pepper with cinnamon, which I like. I really need to find some loose leaf chai to try, there are so many options out there, where does one start?


If you like cayenne and chocolate, you must try 52teas Mayan Chocolate Chai. Yum! As for this, maybe order it unsweetened or tell them how you want it sweetened (how many pumps of what syrup).

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Having this iced today for a quick break. Cleaning the apartment and really in need of an iced tea.

Made up a pitcher of this using 10 scoops of tea, 32oz almost boiling water and steeped for 9 minutes. I added about 2 cups of ice to a pitcher and poured the hot steeped tea over it.

The liquor is such a dark vibrant fushia I was a bit scared to try this one. First sip was quite potent, I think I used too much tea. Usually when I make one serving of this (16-20oz) and use 3 scoops of tea it is a light hibiscus pink color and not quite so tart. Added a tad of simple syrup to my mixture and it is ok. Probably could resteep the leaves for another batch, but with so much fruit in there I’m not sure the taste would stay.

Less tea next time for sure.

200 °F / 93 °C 8 min or more

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Live in the cornfields of IL, but not too far from the city. Expecting a baby any day now (due Oct 24 2011). Sticking to mainly herbal and low caffeine teas for now. Trying to encourage my husbands tea drinking, but he adds so much sweetner he may as well just drink diet pop. I love trying new teas, and will try any tea once.



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