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I’ve been using this for iced tea, sometimes plain, sometimes as a base to blend in other berry or citrus tisanes. It was really good with the Lemon Youkou. Anyways, today, for the first time, I decided to try this hot. I was considering tossing the tea, because I was downright sick of it iced, but thought it needed a chance hot first.

My oh my is this a good breakfast tea. I added 1/2 teaspoon of german rock sugar and would have added milk, had I had any. This is mighty fine. Many more steps up from traditional lipton (thank goodness). I could see myself drinking this as a daily cup. It’s a nice pick me up. This tea may be just what I need to get into unflavored black teas. I feel another Harney order coming on! (black blends here I come)!

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Finishing up this delightful sample from Laura R. I really enjoy the smooth sweet strawberry and the buttery sencha. I find this blend to be much more flavorful and the sencha more tasty than other strawberry greens I’ve tried. I would love to have more of this on hand in the near future.

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I had such a strong craving for this tea last night, but as this is caffeinated, I opted to wait until morning. This is such a delightful tea. I love the brightness. Made a big mug to enjoy while being lazy and watching a movie. I can be lazy now that I’ve done the dishes, 2nd load of laundry is done and a cake is in the oven, and it’s only 7:30!


If you have caffeinated tea but would like a non-caffeinated drink do not buy tea that has been run through chemicals. Steep your tea for thirty to forty seconds, spill out the tea that you have made and re-steep it for your desired time. This will take the caffeine out of the tea. This works because the natural caffeine of tea is released in the first thirty seconds of steeping. No more waiting until the morning to drink your tea! Better yet, you can have your tea at night and in the morning!

Hope this helps and merry tea drinking!

Sorry @Ejc1025 but that is a myth


I have read that it does lower the caffeine a bit, but depending on the tea may be from 40% to 90%. But most good tea is decaffeinated without the use of chemicals anyway, and should say something on the box about the moethod used…if they aren’t ashamed of it!

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Another warming evening cup. I wish there was more ginger flavor and warmth coming through in this. Love the pineapple flavor and strength though!

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drank Banana Peach Green by 52teas
558 tasting notes

Another Christmas tea sample from 52teas. There is such a strong banana aroma to this tea that I had to increase the rating from the last tasting. The flavor that comes through is a smooth sweet sencha with banana and light peach flavors. I really am getting banana candy taste in this tea. I used the whole sample (about 4 tsp) in a 3 cup teapot and steeped for 2 minutes. There were several floaty bits in this tea, but I blame my strainer as it wasn’t as fine a strainer as the IngenuTea strainer I usually use. This tea was very warming and exactly what I didn’t know I needed tonight. Very delicious!

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Got a little behind on my teas of Christmas posts, as this is yesterday’s tea. I was so excited to open this sample as my 2oz pouch has long since been gone. This was one of my first teas from 52teas and still a very favorite tea to me. I love the strong black current aroma this tea gives off even though it is light and sweet in flavor. I find this bai mu dan base very fearful. Have a second steep cold brewing in the fridge to drink this evening.

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Another tea of Christmas I’ve been slowly enjoying all day. I got to try a few sips hot, but forgot it on the counter before running errands this evening, so I’m enjoying it cool/room temperature this evening. I probably shouldn’t be drinking this caffeinated tea this late into the evening, but I don’t have anywhere to be early tomorrow am.

I agree with the others on the “thin mint” girl scout cookie semblance of this tea. I wish I had a little half and half to add to this as I think it would make a great chocolate mint tea latte. Delicious tea, glad I have enough for a few more cups:) Also glad this is from the permanent stock and I can add more to my shopping cart!

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This has been a tea I am drinking every day. I hope Frank blends another amazing chai soon. Maybe that is what the special Christmas tea blend is? I can’t wait find out what that blend will be.


Oh, a Christmas Chai! Nom!!

Meghann M

I wonder if orange and chai would work. I like orange spice teas, and orange chocolates. Maybe a tea that tastes like the Chocolate oranges you hit on a hard surface to break off the sections? Plus chai spices? Yummy!


I think an orange flavored chai would be awesome. Or..chocolate orange chai? Too much? I’m not sure. :)


Oh, please, yes: chocolate orange chai. Nom!!

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Another tea decupboarded. Received this from a friend. Not one I would choose to drink again. It’s pretty weak in flavor even though it’s bright in color.

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Finished up this tisane I received from a friend.

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Live in the cornfields of IL, but not too far from the city. Expecting a baby any day now (due Oct 24 2011). Sticking to mainly herbal and low caffeine teas for now. Trying to encourage my husbands tea drinking, but he adds so much sweetner he may as well just drink diet pop. I love trying new teas, and will try any tea once.



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