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Had two large cups of this with our late dinner tonight. Iced this tastes like orange jell-o. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, but it is sweet and refreshing and a great replacement for soda. May have to find some sparkling water to try this with next. I think I like the flavor better hot much more.


Wow, orange jello?! Haha, that’s probably my favorite jello flavor. That sounds really interesting!

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drank Oriental Spice by Adagio Teas
558 tasting notes

Made this latte style with some steamed (aka warmed in microwave) milk, equal parts milk and water. It isn’t as tasty as the stovetop chai method, but it does pretty well when I don’t want the hassle of the stovetop method. Sweet and spicey and warming this evening. Need an assam to add to the mix of this tea.

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This tea has more spice taste, than coconut, but it does have a sweet finish. Enjoying this sans additives today, although it would hold up to cream and sugar quite well. Finding Chai’s more soothing with the cooler weather this week.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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Increasing the rating quite a bit as I have been enjoying this tart sweet tea more lately. And it’s not a caffienated tea!

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drank Vanilla Rooibos Parfait by Tazo
558 tasting notes

Ahhh…this is as good as I remember it. This was the cup of tea that started it all. Had an immensely flavorful cup at Starbucks when they first came out with the tea sachets. Was so impressed with the flavor I started my tea addiction, found teavana, found steepster and now have the cupboard to show for my addiction!

Sweet, smooth with a little bit of a spicy tingle in the aftertaste. This is good!

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Bought this last winter when I had a really bad cold. I like it better now that it is more leaf in a sachet than the prior tea bag form. Nice minty relief. Great relief for a sore throat and stuffy nose.

Decupboarding this tea today.


Yay for decupboarding!! Time for more tea!!

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Not as much delicious pomegranate flavor as I remember, but still delicate and sweet and definitely oolong. Ooooooolong. I’m loving the oolongs lately.

Trying to reduce the teas in tins/bagged teas I have crowding my cupboards this week. In preparation for new Teavana teas (Berry Mojito sounds amazing…hoping the stores have them tomorrow or ordering online if not), Davids teas and Teasource teas…maybe a teaguys and praise tea company order. Too many teas to try! I need to see if any local stores carry harney’s cranberry autumn because that sounds fantastic for right now as well.


Berry Mojito? Oh, dear. My poor cupboard.

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Not quite as sweet, creamy and minty today. I only steeped for 3 minutes, but it didn’t have that dessert tea taste it did the first time. I do enjoy the mint and black tea combo though. Nice head clearing tea, with a smooth mint and mellow black tea (if steeped 3 minutes)!

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I’m not sure how I feel about this tea yet. I taste the cinnamon, tastes like cinnamon bark rather than sweet cinnamon flavoring. I think I’m getting a bake-y taste in the tea…but I could be imagining it or trying to hard. Might have to try this with cream and sugar to see if that makes it how I thought this tea would be. I just want something more from it that I’m just not getting from the black tea itself.

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Live in the cornfields of IL, but not too far from the city. Expecting a baby any day now (due Oct 24 2011). Sticking to mainly herbal and low caffeine teas for now. Trying to encourage my husbands tea drinking, but he adds so much sweetner he may as well just drink diet pop. I love trying new teas, and will try any tea once.



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