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My brother went to France several months back, so I requested he pick up some Fauchon tea for me, but when he got there his friend’s family scoffed at the idea of letting him buy grocery store brand tea, like Fauchon and took him to Marriage Freres instead. It worked out just fine for me, but the perception that Fauchon is mere grocery store tea when here in the US we are gleeful to get our lustful little hands on it is pretty amusing contrast.

Such an intense floral mix dominated by rose in this tea! I’m surprised that I didn’t break it out at all this summer for some cold steep! I’m not sure what my summer obsession tea was this year, but I’m glad that this one is holding up.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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drank Tiramisu by California Tea House
788 tasting notes

Trying this again. It has a nice alcohol like scent full of tirimisu, but when I sip it ends up a little flat. There is a little sweetness to it and then it all goes away. Weird tingling at the back of my throat. Kind of sad.


Did you order from them offline?? I placed an order with them but they never sent me a shipping conformation nor did they respond to my e-mail, so i’m a little worried. How long did it take for your tea to arrive?? Thanks — Jim


I think I ordered from their website. It was a couple years ago now and I don’t remember how long it took to reach me. Do they have a customer service number you could call?

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I agonized AGONIZED over which tea to choose for my 666th tasting note. I’m delighted that I hit that number during October with Halloween coming up, but what to choose?! Graveyard Mist? Black Cat? Smaug? Something with pumpkin? The pumpkin matcha I had the other day? I was torn for hours trying to decide. I ran across a sample of this and not remembering if I had tried it before, I thought with the name having “dark side” in it, it was a good match. I now have the appropriate Pink Floyd album playing in the background as I steep.
The aroma coming off the cup is a light sweet melon scent. Mellon is on the sip and although it is bright, there is something deeper to it, earthier. The melon is able to carry it’s flavor without the needed addition of sugar, something I find necessary to round out the flavor for many fruity teas. The espresso seems to work behind the scene propping up and complimenting the melon. I never would have guessed the two flavors would work so well together! Drinking this tea and listening to Pink Floyd is making for a really great afternoon. I do wish Butiki was still around so I could grab more of this, but it kinda makes it special that it is a limited thing too.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I think I have a good sized bag of this.

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I just read a post in the disscusions that Tealux had changed their name to Tealyra. This package is labeled Tealyra, so I’m guessing this is the right tea to review this under, but I’m not 100%.
This is super bright green in the bag and turns into a really deep green color when mixed in water. There is a little bit of a bitter tang at the start of the sip, but it gets less as I continue to sip. It is really smooth, but doesn’t seem to have much of the matcha taste. It is a little grassy, a little floral, but just by a hint. This isn’t really doing it for me. There isn’t enough flavor happening for m taste.


It’s still Tealux in Canada – tealux.ca doesn’t say anything about a name change. So I think you’re fine. :)

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Trying this from a TTB.
It looks like coffee when made and tastes like meh. It is very earthy and flat… the aftertaste isn’t enjoyable. I’ll pass.

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drank Deluxe Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
788 tasting notes

I wish matcha came with better instructions on how much to mix with how much water. I had to add creamer to mellow out the bite I was getting, which I think is a result of adding to much matcha. Once I work through that issue, I’m getting a fairly decent cup. The aftertaste might be my favorite part. It lingers with a pleasant fragrance. The sip is pretty mellow and smooth with a light matcha flavor. I get the floral notes on the sip. It is really nice, but I’m not head over heel for it like I am with Red Leaf’s cheesecake matcha.

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drank Pina Colada Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
788 tasting notes

I keep doing the same thing and making my matcha to strong! I end up with a bitter mess of flavors and have to add some creamer to mellow and even it out. Once I get that issue worked out, I can taste the pina colada. I also pick up on a little bit of soapiness which I’m wondering is the coconut flavoring going bad. I’m trying this from a traveling tea box, so there is no way to tell how old this sample is. I can’t really pick out the matcha flavor, but I bet this would be great in a vanilla smoothie.

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drank Orange Matcha by 3 Leaf Tea
788 tasting notes

When I opened this bag I was greeted by the strong fresh scent of oranges! It reminded me of my parent’s house in California where there is a grafted tree that produces oranges all year round.
My first sip was concentrated and unpleasant, but after the addition of some creamer to dilute it, it turned to a really nice creamsicle type flavor. The orange flavor is really true to life and full. I don’t really taste much matcha beyond the orange, but that cup was enjoyed and went down the hatch faster than I expected!

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drank Pumpkin Pie Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
788 tasting notes

Traveling Matcha Tea Box Sample

Wow! The scent of the cloves blew me away as soon as I opened the package! I had to stand there and huff it for a minute. I’m having this with a little bit of sweetened creamer and it is really good. I think I can taste some pumpkin in there, but with so many pumpkin flavored items that come out this time of year, the spices take center stage and seem to really carry the idea of the pumpkin flavor. This would be awesome in a milkshake! I’m liking this one!

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drank Cookie by Lupicia
788 tasting notes

Head cold/allergies are plaguing me again, so I’m not able to enjoy the full flavor of this tea, which is a damn shame. I only have a couple servings left and realize I should have added it into my malty chocolate tea taste comparison. Oh well!
This tea is still a favorite!

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My name is Dustin and I like tea.

I’m an added flavor kind of tea fan. I want my tea to remind me of cookies and cakes with coconut and almond slices with a hint of chocolate drizzled on top. I want dancing ponies and flying monkeys shooting off fireworks! I like a little sugar in my tea. I love caffeinated tea, but since I limit myself to one cup a day, I have been exploring more rooibos and honeybush teas. Rooibos now = meh and I have upped my caffeine tolerance. BRING ME CAFFEINE!!!!


Austin, TX

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