33 Tasting Notes

Catching up on teas of the last few days…finished off a bag of this when I needed something to get going while waiting for breakfast.

Very straightforward, unsurprising green tea. Clean, green, and just a tiny bit nutty. I don’t drink a whole lot of green teas, but this is one I sometimes have on hand for when the mood strikes. Just a little astringent, which I think makes it a nice wake-up tea. I only made one cup this time, but on previous occasions have gotten quite a bit more out of it.

Flavors: Nutty, Pine, Vegetal

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Wow, this is almost too decadent for an at-work tea. I think it’d be better suited to a day of indulging in a good book somewhere comfortable where I could really enjoy.

First cup is a little malty and sweet with a whole lot of vanilla. Honestly reminds me of these chocolate scones at a local coffee shop – something warm and freshly-baked (there’s a hint of chocolate here, but it’s not the main point). Texturally, it’s kind of silky and easy to drink.

Second cup is way more intensely chocolate, with a little more dimension to the sweetness – it’s described as cherry, which I guess works as long as you’re thinking sweet cherries and not tart ones (so…not what I was expecting, oops).

Back to work I go, will make more tea later throughout the day, but so far this one is really lovely.

Flavors: Cherry, Chocolate, Malt, Sweet, Vanilla


I liked this one very much, and I really love the Ambrosia which is this tea blended with Tahitian vanilla. :D


I haven’t tried Ambrosia, but it’s tempting. Now that I think of it, I actually do have some vanilla I could experiment with myself. Time to see how much vanilla is too much vanilla…


hehe Keep us posted how adding vanilla goes. I have some Imperial North Winds left and maybe I’ll try too. By itself though, it’s yummy as you said.

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drank Bamboogie 2015 by Mandala Tea
33 tasting notes

1st (very short) steep was interesting, smelled sweet and floral/green, more like smelling a vegetable garden than say, a rose garden. The sweetness is what I tasted first, followed by bitterness.

2nd steep is where things got weird for me. Still has a little sweetness, but the bitterness is more pronounced. Couldn’t figure out how to describe it until I saw other people here saying “green pepper.” That’s it, it’s vegetables with a kick. Combined with that initial slightly-floral sweetness, it makes me think habanero minus the heat. Not sure how I feel about this as sort of flavor as tea.

With some trepidation, made a third cup. Shorter steep than I did for the second cup. Still a little bitter, but significantly less peppery. Unfortunately less sweet too, but what can you do…Just a touch of minerality in there also that I hadn’t noticed before.

I could probably make another cup, but I’m not sure I’m inclined to. Overall a very educational experience, if mostly in discovering that I do not enjoy this sort of tea. On the plus side, it’s not a one-note tea. And for a tea to wake me up to start the day, it definitely did the trick.

Flavors: Bell Pepper, Bitter, Hay, Mineral, Vegetal

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I adore the name of this one, and it’s beautiful when dry with all the buds – they do look like fox tails! Beyond that, it’s a cozy and comfortable tea. No bitterness, nothing deep and dark. A little earthy, sometimes just a hint of a little peppery/herbal in the background. The sweetness is pretty mellow too, it doesn’t taste like fruit or desserts or anything like that. I didn’t think of sweet potato while drinking it, but seeing other people describe it that way makes sense. It’s not my longest lasting tea, but I got several good cups out of it.

Flavors: Bread, Earth, Malt, Sweet Potatoes

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drank Autumn Song by Mandala Tea
33 tasting notes

Will need to write a more detailed description next time when my tea drinking isn’t interrupted by errands and other things, but I’m very glad I bought this one! It’s very sweet and light, with a little fruity/hay flavor? Reminds me a lot of Whispering Pines Tea’s Moondance white tea, which I love, but a more grown-up version. Not bitter or overpowering, but pleasantly energizing, with just a hint of a darker, woodsy-ness underneath.

Flavors: Dry Grass, Fruity

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drank Autumn Song by Mandala Tea
33 tasting notes

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Trying a sample of this one:
Quick rinse, struck by slightly smokey aroma. First couple cups are kind of smoky, slightly earthy, followed by a tangy and sweet flavor – kind of citrusy? Is it making me think of orange? At one point I even thought pineapple, but that’s not quite right. Not sure I can pin it down, there’s a lot going on here. At the end it’s just a tiny bit bitter and drying.

Later cups seem to have mellowed out a little. Less smoky, still a little citrusy. There’s still something I can’t quite place, something a little earthy and herbal that balance out the fruit flavor.

Altogether, it’s pretty interesting, lots of contrast. I’d try it again.

Flavors: Fruity, Herbs, Moss, Orange, Smoke, Tangy

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drank Darjeeling 2nd Flush by Teance
33 tasting notes

Mixed feelings on this one. First cup was spicy, sweet, and strong, which I liked very much, but by the third (tiny) cup most of the interestingness was gone. Might be better as just one really good pot/mug of tea and not bother resteeping more than once.

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Student, scientist, poet, writer-of-monsters, baker of bread and collector of pretty rocks.

Tea interests me because it intersects so many of my other interests: biology, geology, craft, and cooking. Plus it tastes good and making a cup gives me something to do with my hands while reading.



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