Tea's Me (teasme) Christchurch in Christchurch, Christchurch
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In one word: disappointing.
A huge range (about a hundred) of herbal “teas”. About five actual teas worth looking at. I bought the two best wulong teas they had and they’re pretty good, but there’s such a limited range of REAL teas – if you don’t want chai or herbal or weird shit like that.
They had a grand total of TWO yixing pots available. Both low quality (though rather pretty). Everything else was porcelain or glass.
Not my kind of tea shop.

Apego Cha Lounge in Auckland, Auckland
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Nice little place.
Knowledgeable, helpful staff and a nice range of teaware, though their range of teas is a bit limited. I’d like to see more high-grade stuff and less flavoured stuff.

Tekkoon Tea in Auckland, Auckland
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I procrastinate. A lot.
And I drink a lot of tea. Often while procrastinating.

I like real tea. I don’t drink flavoured crap.
When I say “flavoured crap”, I mean things like “Raspberry cream cheese rooibos with a hint of chicken” or things with names like “summer breeze” or “delinquent angel”, etc.

I drink mostly Chinese and Taiwanese teas, though I don’t mind a bit of Sencha or Matcha now and again.

In order of preference:
1) “Traditional” heavy-roasted wulong, including tieguanyin
2) Sheng pu’er
3) “Modern” lightly-roasted/oxidised wulong
4) Zealong Black (it deserves a category of its own)
5) Shu pu’er
6) Red tea
7) Green tea

Have I missed any? Probably. The list isn’t exactly definitive, and what I drink depends a lot upon my mood and what I’m doing at the time.

I love the gongfu ceremony. It makes me relax.
I also love to brew grandpa-style: Add a few leaves to cup. Add water. Drink. Refill, repeat until satisfied/nothing left in the leaves.

Anyway, I’m going to stop now.


Auckland, New Zealand



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