My very first and favourite wulong. Magnificent!
I bought this tea a while ago, as my first foray into good quality teas. Every tea I’ve bought since hasn’t compared to it.
Floral, fruity and sweet, with a beautiful golden liquor and an intoxicating aroma.
And it’s grown right here in New Zealand!
The dry leaves are a deep green, tightly coiled into little bundles of goodness. At first it looks like a lot of stem matter is included, but upon steeping, the leaves unfurl to a phenomenal size. And they’re beautiful – hardly any bruising, tearing or dust.
The flavour peaks around the third steep, but it doesn’t by any means drop off after this – the tea is of such a quality that it can be steeped up to eight times. (Or more if, like me, you use a (very) heaped teaspoon).
The first few steeps (after an initial rinsing, of course) are best at 30ish seconds (this tea is strong!), increasing bit by bit until they’re about 2-2.5 minutes towards the end of its life.
I didn’t realise how good this tea was when I got it. All the teas I’ve had since then (2008 jade Tieguanyin, Taiwan high mountain wulong…), while nice, just don’t stand up to it.
It’s now my “special occasion” tea – I dread the day that I run out!
Time for me to stop rambling and go to bed.

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I procrastinate. A lot.
And I drink a lot of tea. Often while procrastinating.

I like real tea. I don’t drink flavoured crap.
When I say “flavoured crap”, I mean things like “Raspberry cream cheese rooibos with a hint of chicken” or things with names like “summer breeze” or “delinquent angel”, etc.

I drink mostly Chinese and Taiwanese teas, though I don’t mind a bit of Sencha or Matcha now and again.

In order of preference:
1) “Traditional” heavy-roasted wulong, including tieguanyin
2) Sheng pu’er
3) “Modern” lightly-roasted/oxidised wulong
4) Zealong Black (it deserves a category of its own)
5) Shu pu’er
6) Red tea
7) Green tea

Have I missed any? Probably. The list isn’t exactly definitive, and what I drink depends a lot upon my mood and what I’m doing at the time.

I love the gongfu ceremony. It makes me relax.
I also love to brew grandpa-style: Add a few leaves to cup. Add water. Drink. Refill, repeat until satisfied/nothing left in the leaves.

Anyway, I’m going to stop now.


Auckland, New Zealand



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