Fava Tea Company in Appleton, Wisconsin
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Pretty spiffy place. The tea is exceptionally priced, clearly labeled, and some really nice staff. They know what they’re talking about too, they don’t just recommend the most expensive tea they have, and usually one of the ladies there is pretty hyped up on caffeine, so it’s pretty easy to take her seriously in the tea department. And it’s kinda funny.

They’ll give you a card, you can bring it back the next time you come and get a good cup of tea for 50 cents, so you can drink tea WHILE you shop for tea. It’s that ridiculous. Normally, it’s a dollar, and that’s still pretty spectacular.

However, not a lot of teaware, at all. They sell some plastic teapots that work well, and some tins, but that’s about it.



I’m a baker and an accordionist who just likes a nice cup of tea.

My tea choices aren’t very exotic so to say, usually my tea of choice is straight up green, but I’m looking to broaden my horizons. Currently, my favorite teas are Chunmee, Sencha, Assam, Gunpowder, and Dian Hong.

I’m always willing to trade, my cupboard probably won’t be very interesting but let me know if something tickles your fancy!



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