This was another sample given in return of an honest review.

the leaves in the package are beautiful, small handmade balls, and they look beautiful. the fluff on the leafs are wonderfully preserved, and make the balls look silky and shiny. there is a wonderful honey and clover smell, mostly honey.

once again im using the glass brewing vessel as not to alter the taste in any way. i used the entire 7.5 grams in the sample, and 8 oz of boiling water. initial brew is 25 seconds before i start the pour, each infusion will add 10 seconds to the previous brew.

the tea is a light brown, not really any red. it smells faintly of sweet potato.
after letting it cool enough to drink, the first impression is that this tea, like the last i tried, is nice and smooth, and the flavors are light, as is normal for a tippy tea. flavors are nice and balanced. The main flavors i get are sweet potato, with honey and a faint hint of cocoa.

on the second brew, the color is deeper brown, and still smells of sweet potato. the flavor shifts more toward sweet potato, but not much, and a little more cocoa. still smooth, and only light bitterness, only a hint.

third steeping the sweet potato is now almost completely gone, now leaving cocoa, a bit more bitterness, though still not much.

i will stop the review here, as the tea is becoming… not unpleasant, but not as enjoyable to drink.

Boiling 0 min, 30 sec 7 g 8 OZ / 236 ML

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i enjoy reading, anime, animals of all kinds, and giving my girlfriend far, far too much affection >.>

I will apologize now, i am new to teas still, and other than ebay, this is my first time trying to rate and describe things accurately. So try to bear with me as i fumble through describing teas with my undeveloped palate and simple analogies :)
Pleast take the numbered ratings i post with a grain of salt, i think i am just easily impressed, and in love with Chinese reds, so while i may accurately rate one above the other, i might not rate it properly on the scale.

p.s. im a guy despite my pro pic… i just feel alot like Mula… eer, that cartoon character as i learn about tea :)


between two cornfields, indiana

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