511 Tasting Notes


Another 52Teas Sample that I received from CK :)

This tea smells like a spicy caramel and pumpkin pie. It tastes like pumpkin pie spices, but the pumpkin itself remains mostly in the smell as does the caramel. I don’t get any cheesecake from it, but that’s quite alright as I don’t like cheesecake.

It’s not the best pumpkin spice tea that I’ve had, but there’s nothing bad about it either.

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I got several 52Teas samples to try from my mystery swap with CK. This was one of them. I wasn’t keen on trying this one any time soon, but my husband asked me to brew it because he was hoping for some bacon. Yuck, bacon. I don’t care much for bacon (or for pineapple). I especially don’t like pizza, but the funniest thing is, if I do have to eat a pizza, I’d take a canadian bacon and pineapple (I don’t understand me either).

I brewed a small sample cup of this for both Eric and I to try. Eric likes pineapple, but he was really looking forward to a bacon flavor, which neither of us could detect, so he gave it a low rating.

The pineapple in this is strong and the rooibos doesn’t come through very heavy IMO. I don’t like pineapple after taste, but I could drink it if I had to.

This tea was doomed from the start for me, combining two foods that I don’t particularly like, but I had to try it anyway. I see no reason why someone who loves pineapple wouldn’t like it, but if your looking for bacon tea, don’t look here.

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Yay, first note for this tea! I received a sample of this new Della Terra tea with my last order.

It has that characteristic generic chocolate-flavored-tea smell that has never before led me to a good flavor. Believe it or not, this tea did not taste as repulsive as I had expected. It’s no where near a “wow” in a cup, but it’s reasonably enjoyable. I’ve dumped all other chocolate based DT blends only a few sips in, but this one I can finish and without making faces.

The tea base comes through more than I expected, which is nice. The peanut butter notes are very faint and I might not have recognized them if I didn’t know they were supposed to be there. All of the sprinkle and candied bits dissolve and fall to the bottom, so it might be a good idea to stir this tea occasionally unless you want a surprisingly sweet finish.

Not a tea I’d buy again, but I’d be willing to drink it again.

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this MIGHT be the kind of tea that i’d love. i keep hovering over the ‘buy’ button but damnit if i don’t still have a ton of swap teas to drink hah. i’m gonna earn this weird peanut butter tea if it kills me!

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This was a sample with my recent Butiki order. I was really looking forward to this tea. Grape is not a flavor I’ve ever had in tea before, natural or not.

I saw that several reviews commented on the grape flavor, some said it was too much, some not enough. The description says that it has a light floral flavor. I’ve been coming to appreciate some light floral notes in my oolongs, but this one was not light, at least not to me. It is much more floral than it is grape, though I can detect the grape too. The dry leaf smelled vaguely of grape, but the brewed liquor smells like a heavy perfume. It doesn’t taste so bad really, but not something I’d ever consider purchasing.

Could be that it’s the type of floral rather than the concentration of it that I don’t like. Is this supposed to be orchid, lilac. . .?

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I had this tea last night and I am drinking the Laoshan Bilochun now. As I said in my note for the Bilochun, the two Laoshan greens and the oolong taste very similar. The only difference that I can pick out without a side-by-side comparison is that the original Laoshan green is much more in-you-face with the flavor (vegetal, bitter, sensitive to an oversteep, but still sooo yummy!)

I was expecting to pick out some floral notes in this oolong, but I couldn’t detect any.

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I’m going to have to drink the Laoshan greens and oolongs together to really pick out the differences, but I love them all! The Laoshan green, as I remember, had a bitter bite to it and was very vegetal. I got a strong cup steeping it for only one minute, but this one I steeped for 2 minutes and the flavor seems more laid back than the other.

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This tea tasted a lot better when I was drinking it while eating chocolates. By itself, the cherry flavor is stronger than the chocolate. It doesn’t taste medicinal to me, but it’s not as wonderful as it seemed the first time. I like that the chocolate isn’t over powering. I may have steeped it just a bit too long as the base was ever so slightly bitter. Still a good tea, but I’m going to lower my rating a little. I also think that my over-all dislike of chocolate in tea has increased since I started exploring flavored teas. This may have something to do with my experience with this one now.

I seem to have such a struggle with dessert flavors in tea. Many of the teas I don’t like represent flavors of foods and pastries that I love, but they just don’t come through quite the same in tea form.

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I’ve had this little sample lying around for some time, briefly forgotten about. It came to me from Shmiracles

I did a bit of a longer rinse on it because I was expecting the leaves to need a few extra seconds to break up, but they didn’t. It broke up really quickly and the leaves are itty bitty.

The taste of this pu-erh is like sour dirt rather than the sweet earthiness that I am used to. I’ve head that mini cakes aren’t the best quality pu-erh, but the mini cakes I got from Butiki were a lot better than these IMO.

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drank Dong Ding by thepuriTea
511 tasting notes

Trying this tea out again and I can say for certain that I like Verdant’s Dong Ding much better. This will likely be the last cup of thepuriTea Dong Ding that I drink. I’ll let me husband have the rest as he likes it more than I.

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I just brewed some of this for my piano tuner. He asked for a black and I’m running low on my black stock (got more on the way though!), so this is what he got. It’s not my favorite, but it’s so popular on Steepster that I hoped he might like it. It’s not so bold as the expected black, so I was a bit worried that he wouldn’t like it, but he does! yay!

Terri HarpLady

When my piano tuner came last month I offered him tea & initially he looked surprised, then asked for something smokey. I handed him a cup of Caravan from A&D, & he loved it. That always feels so good! :)


yeah, I read that in one of your logs. I don’t have anything smokey in my cupboard anymore. It’s all with my father :p

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Name: Shelley Lorraine Limegrover
Location: Thornton, Colorado
Occupation: Evil Genius
Ward: 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, 1 Cocker spaniel, 1 super cranky but lovable siamese cat, one bipolar black turkish angora, and my husband’s black and white cat.

Hobbies: Learning, reading books, math, physics (have a degree in it), literature (have a degree in it too), anthropology, traveling, piano, and making TEA, of course (^o^)

Future plans: World domination >-)

Favorite teas: Kukicha, Green teas in general, aged oolongs, charcoal roasted oolong, taiwanese oolongs, Assam . . .

Don’t like: Genmaicha, Earl Grey, Darjeelings, ginger, coconut, smokey teas (even mild ones), nut flavors, overwhelmingly strong floral flavor (esp. Jasmine), most della derra and adagio teas. . .

My Rating System

100 My happiness absolutely depends on it

95 Will definitely repurchase

85: Might repurchase (teas that depend on my mood)

75 Won’t repurchase (but I would drink it again if offered).

65: meh

45: I reluctantly finished a cup.

15: Couldn’t finish a cup.

I simplified my ratings to single numbers rather than ranges because I can’t precisely compare so many teas with a system more detailed than this.

An unrated tea is most often one that I recognize as having significant notable quality, but that does not suit me personally. Sometimes, I leave teas unrated for other reasons, such as I am undecided or I brewed it wrong, etc.

Note: Boiling temp. barely reaches 200 where I am (and a few times it sticks at 195, I assume due to unexplainable shifts in altitude or the position of the moon. . .aliens?. . .).





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