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Oh my gosh! I love this tea.

But let me begin with some backstory. I don’t like cheesecake. Ive said as much in my last review for a cheesecake themed tea. But I didn’t like that one for other reasons besides cheesecake flavor. This tea I ordered to send in a care package to my parents but didn’t try it for myself. I got a free sample in my most recent order and since my parents already tried it and one of the other samples I definitely want to share with my grandfather, i decided to try the cheesecake for myself.

For the first time I am going to apply the term ‘hug in a cup’ to a tea. this tea. Still not getting cheesecake out if it, maybe just a little if I try to think about it – but mostly its sweet and plumy and perfect without any added sugar.

Seems i like dessert teas that don’t match my real-dessert preferences (I like chocolate but not chocolate teas, hate cheesecake but love this tea).


Cheesecake or not, glad you like it! I can’t wait to get mine in the mail.

Lariel of Lórien

It’s plumlicious!


As I finished the cup, I got more of a cheesecake vibe, but maybe since I don’t eat cheesecake often enough, I can’t recognize the more aspects of it. With real cheesecake, Im too distracted by the powerful sour/curdled milk smell to notice much of the flavor.

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I finished off the 1/2oz bag I had of this. I’m going to order more. Raising the rating now from 85 to 95.

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I used less tea::water this time and I like it better this way. I can pick out more of the flavor notes listed in the description than when I used more leaf.

sorry for such a brief note – its mostly supposed to be a note-to-self :)

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I think maybe I’m acquiring a taste for “those” black teas. The ones with that odd mix of musky-woody-smoke. . . flavors that I am so sensitive to that I notice them even when no one else does. Or, maybe it could be that me and the leaf hoppers are starting to get along. But probably not. I still don’t like overly honey-flavored oolongs. Perhaps it is the blend of musky wood with honey that turns into something entirely different that I find palatable.

I’m not in love with the tea, but I think it could grow on me. I’m tentatively rating is as 85, but will reconsider after my taste buds complete this confusing time of transition.

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Sweet and delicate, but not too delicate. There are some hay notes, but not as strong as in some white teas that I’ve had. I don’t like it much when the hay takes over.

I have a couple of other favorite white teas at the moment, but this one is pretty good. I might purchase it on occasion.

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I’m going to start out by saying that I second every word of The Tea Fairy’s review. Most importantly that if one endeavors to create a Rivendell tea, it absolutely must deliver! this is no matter to be taken lightly.

I had high expectations for this one and they were met. If someone told me that this tea came straight out of Rivendell for real, I would believe them. It tastes like a forest, but not just any kind of forest, one inhabited by elves, with delicate traces of magic, beauty, and elegance – if these things could be attributed to a flavor. The flavors all come together nicely, no one of them overpowers another. The vanilla, the roasted cedar leaves, the florals of the oolong base – just perfect.

Terri HarpLady

Guess I’ll have to place another WP order…


I was disappointed to see that the Sleeping Bear was restocked after I placed my order. If I hadn’t run out of money again, I’d be placing a new order too. :)

Terri HarpLady

I still haven’t tried the sleeping bear

Whispering Pines Tea Company

It’s running out fast! :-)


ugh! i have no money! don’t make me sad. lol I might be able to afford some in a few days though.


Awesome ;-)

Lariel of Lórien

Would this be a good Winter tea?


hmm – a winter tea, I suppose it could be. It’s wintery in a holiday sort of way, a tea you’d have while sitting next to a white christmas tree and lots of tinsel and shiny things but not so much with a cozy-country-holidays-warm by-the-fire type of experience. Sorry if my analogy is out there. I think it just depends on what you desire in you winter-time teas.

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I got this tea pretty much only because of the name. As for the tea description, I was worried about Keemun and darjeeling, two types of tea that I often don’t enjoy on their own.

When it first started brewing, I could smell the aroma of Keemun. I thought, well oh well, this was to be expected. Halfway through the brew time, the aroma became sweeter, more like the Assam that’s also in it. I didn’t detect the darjeeling so much except to notice that there were some green leaves in my steeper that threw me off at first – I thought maybe I didn’t clean it out well enough from the last use.

Anyway, the Assam makes this tea work for me. The Keemun gives it a robustness that makes it more suitable as a breakfast tea than Assam alone. As for the Darjeeling, besides the visual of the leaves, I can’t say that I notice it as much.

Overall, this tea is a lot better than I thought it would be. I am undecided about repurchasing, but I might do so on occasion just for the sake of variety in my cupboard.


This one is amazing iced!

Terri HarpLady

I wonder if I still have any of this in my cupboard….hmmm…

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I love this tea! THIS is going to be my Autumn tea this year. Sorry Almond Indulgence. lol. The apple and pear notes are so vibrant. The caramel is a bit more in the background, but I like it that way. The Gui Fei Oolong seems to be a perfect choice for the base. It’s roasty, but not so much to drown out the other flavors. I feel like I’ve had this oolong before, but I can’t find it listed in my records. I’ll have to get some with my next order. I might have avoided it because of the leaf-hoppers. I’ve had a couple of leaf hopper teas from Butiki and I didn’t like them, but maybe I gave up on them too soon.

Anyway, in case I didn’t make it clear at the beginning. I LOVE this tea. Im going to have to buy lots of extra to share it with everyone I know.

Flavors: Apple, Caramel, Honey, Pear, Roasted nuts

Terri HarpLady

I was loitering on the Butiki site last night, & this is definitely one of the teas I have in mind for my next order. Glad to hear you like it!

Butiki Teas

We highly encourage loitering. :D


Darn, should have sampled this with my order!

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yummy tea! This will be my go-to autumn tea this year I think.

I noticed this tea again when I saw the new name, but I always avoided it before. I’ve never liked nut-based teas or cookie-flavored teas. The new name made me take note again and I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did!

I can best describe it as Butiki’s pumpkin creme brulé without the pumpkin. I make this comparison mainly to indicate the similarity in quality and strength of spices. Many spiced teas that I’ve had are underwhelming, but this is just right. If you like the pumpkin creme brulé, you’ll definitely like this one too :)

I can detect the almond notes, which I usually don’t like, but this tea is an exception. All the spices and flavors are perfectly balanced.

Incidentally, when I first tried pumpkin creme brulé, I was new to tea and I deemed it the “best tea ever.” It’s still a favorite, but I’m not always in the mood for it. I greet this current tea after a tea-hiatus and have similar feelings towards it. I think that autumn-spice type teas call to me most when I haven’t had a lot of tea for a while. They are a special treat not to be overdone, much like the festivities of the holidays. :)

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This is my very first cup of tea in several weeks! I’ve been out of tea and unable to afford any for a while.

I was excited when I first heard about this tea. Espresso and strawberries? together? yay! But dessert teas and me rarely get along. Whenever there is a dessert tea I like, it comes from Butiki teas, so the odds are always in my favor here. Except that I should really know better by now that chocolate in teas, with rare exception, adds a flat and muddy characteristic that I don’t care for.

This tea is like a muted ruby pie tea. The espresso flavor doesn’t come through as strong for me as it seems to for other reviewers. But that’s probably because I like my coffee über-strong. A dainty coffee note won’t likely catch my attention. The strawberry isn’t very tart and blends well with the chocolate notes. I can definitely see how it imitates a cupcake (as opposed to a pie).

I am drinking this without the recommended sugar because I always like to know what a tea tastes like before hand. I will have to try it with sugar next time and update my review.

Overall, not a bad tea, but not a favorite either.

In other news, while I am farther away from my immediate family, with whom I used to share teas, I am now closer to extended family and I am planning to visit with lots of tea to share soon! I am also preparing a thank-you tea package for my parents who helped me out with some food money when I first got to Colorado. They love tea, thanks to me, but they are so stubborn about purchasing their own. I know they are due for a re-stock :) yay for tea!

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Name: Shelley Lorraine Limegrover
Location: Thornton, Colorado
Occupation: Evil Genius
Ward: 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, 1 Cocker spaniel, 1 super cranky but lovable siamese cat, one bipolar black turkish angora, and my husband’s black and white cat.

Hobbies: Learning, reading books, math, physics (have a degree in it), literature (have a degree in it too), anthropology, traveling, piano, and making TEA, of course (^o^)

Future plans: World domination >-)

Favorite teas: Kukicha, Green teas in general, aged oolongs, charcoal roasted oolong, taiwanese oolongs, Assam . . .

Don’t like: Genmaicha, Earl Grey, Darjeelings, ginger, coconut, smokey teas (even mild ones), nut flavors, overwhelmingly strong floral flavor (esp. Jasmine), most della derra and adagio teas. . .

My Rating System

100 My happiness absolutely depends on it

95 Will definitely repurchase

85: Might repurchase (teas that depend on my mood)

75 Won’t repurchase (but I would drink it again if offered).

65: meh

45: I reluctantly finished a cup.

15: Couldn’t finish a cup.

I simplified my ratings to single numbers rather than ranges because I can’t precisely compare so many teas with a system more detailed than this.

An unrated tea is most often one that I recognize as having significant notable quality, but that does not suit me personally. Sometimes, I leave teas unrated for other reasons, such as I am undecided or I brewed it wrong, etc.

Note: Boiling temp. barely reaches 200 where I am (and a few times it sticks at 195, I assume due to unexplainable shifts in altitude or the position of the moon. . .aliens?. . .).





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