Second tea tasting for today…. Loved the smell of this tea at the store. So nuttyandsweet. The taste fails a bit to wow me. It’s just okay. I realize now something I don’t like about teavanas teas…. The pieces are so big that you end up buying 50 grams of filler which does not give you much tea. In the end you add a teaspoon which is just not enough. You really need 2 or 3 teaspoons just to make a decent tea otherwise it’s weak and bland. On the other hand if you add a couple of tsp you realize that 50 grams doesn’t really give you many cups. 5 if you are lucky.

Okay so rant over back to the tea…. It’s okay, weaker than I want. It tastes bit like a cinnamon bun. I am getting a light cinnamon a hint of nuts. Again I have to compare it to DTs tea. This one makes me think of Forever Nuts. The latter is much, much better.

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