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1TTEN sent me this tea and a tea set for free after I answered a questionnaire, so I may be a little biased toward it. I decided to use the new pot and the directions included with the tea. I put three heaping tablespoons of tea into the pot, poured boiling water over it, let it steep for 30 seconds, and poured a serving into one of the new tea cups. I poured the rest into an insulated travel mug. I didn’t add any sweetener. The color of the tea was a bit more green than yellow, compared to the genmaicha I’ve had in the past. The roasted rice flavor wasn’t as strong in the first cup as what I’ve had before, either. Mild to medium, I suppose. It had a nice vegetal aftertaste. I thought it was very good. The rest of the first pot sort of got cooked in the travel mug, so it was more yellow, had a stronger rice taste, and didn’t seem to have that vegetal aftertaste anymore, but it was still good. I think I oversteeped the second pot. 1TTEN’s website says that the second pot doesn’t need to be steeped, but I forgot that and instead steeped it for a minute. It turned out similar to the tea I had left in the travel mug, but a bit milder. It was still pretty good. I’ll have to experiment with steeping it in the easy gaiwan and the finum infuser, since I don’t often drink two pots of tea by myself. Based on these two pots, I think I might buy more of this tea when the package runs out. If I can get it to taste like the first cup again, I will definitely buy more. Of course, the only genmaicha I’ve had before is Upton Tea’s Gen-Mai Cha Kamakura and some that I bought at Hyundai Oriental Grocery & Gift and finished a few years ago, so I wouldn’t say I’m very familiar with genmaicha in general.

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You won it too? Wow…I wonder if everyone who entered won…

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You won it too? Wow…I wonder if everyone who entered won…

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I’ve been drinking tea since I was little, but I only started drinking loose leaf about two years ago. I haven’t tried nearly as many teas as I would like. Starting 2011, I’m going to try to write out tasting notes rather than just recording that I drank something, but I’m not that familiar with a lot of the jargon yet. Also, I’m easily pleased, so I probably tend to rate high. I hope my tasting notes will be helpful to others, but, if nothing else, it’ll help me remember what I thought of various teas, which will be helpful when I’m ordering more.


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