Grabbed a box of this for work since I’m been through the majority of the grocery store tea section and I just keep being disappointed. I’m only going to be able to drink a limited number of cups of tea in my life and I can’t help but think of all the nice things in my cabinet at home that I’d rather be drinking.

I’ve had a lot of bagged stash tea in the past…actually just about all of it since I had at one purchased their “year of tea” so I was a little apprehensive about this since I remember not being fond of their earl gray.

This is surprisingly pleasant. The black tea isn’t very upfront but at least it isn’t bold in a bad way, and the bergamot is much better quality than most. I imagine they must have reformulated sometime in the last decade or that I’m thinking of their double earl gray which probably isn’t for people who don’t take milk or sugar. Ibe been wary of earl gray for awhile now since I’ve had so many bad ones, but now it looks like I should pick some loose leaf up.

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Likes: Jasmin, citrus, blackcurrants, Japanese greens

Dislikes: Chamomile, lotus, “dessert” teas

Curious: pu erh, chocolate, US tea

Drinking habits: No milk or sugar unless masala chai. At least one hot cup a day and two iced.


90-99: Fantastic, unique, and I’ll have to keep restocking FOREVER
80-89: Excellent! Will buy when I have room and can afford it.
70-79: Great tea, A solid tea. Will keep around.
60-69: Good tea, would buy again on sale.
50-59: Average tea will drink what I have left but wouldn’t go out of my way to look for it.
40-49: Meh, would drink up if given some
30-39: Kinda sad, would put up with it.
20-29: not good might finish the cup. Would drink if there is no other choice.
10-19 Bad. Do not want. Can I just get a cup of hot water instead?
0-9: Horrible, would spit it out and dump out the cup.


Midwest US



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