drank Pineapple Kona Pop by Teavana
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My son tried some of this at the local Tevana and begged me to buy some. After Teavana’s standard sales procedure (see the end of this review) we acquired some and took it home. Made hot, It was disappointing in flavor and aroma, but I’ve since tried some cold steeped and found it to be really nice. Not sure where to put my slider, since temperature makes a large difference in my rating.

Now for the Tevana rant: Their standard sales BS consists of trying to sell you everything in the store in addition to what you go in to buy. A lot of stores offer an item or 2 when checking out, but Tevana is fairly aggressive about it. The clerk offered me no less than separate additional items to purchase. So many that I was tempted to ask him if he was behind on his quota…In addition, they consistently will over pour the tea. Now, to be fair, my local store has always told me that there was more, and would 2.5 oz instead of 2.0 be ok, but it does get old. I’m afraid I was a bit sharp with the salesman when he poured out 2.8 oz and asked if I was ok with that. He didn’t bother asking about the over pour on the 2 other teas I purchased that day, and simply made sure they were exactly what I ordered.

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Science nerd by trade, I teach A&P at the college level and relax by having some tea and reading some good science fiction.

I really like green and white tea but don’t care for coffee or the black teas. Matcha is good (at least when I’m not making it) but I’m caffeine sensitive so I don’t have it a lot. A good Oolong is the ambrosia of the gods.

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