35 Tasting Notes


This Tea was Da Hong Pao brewed in Chinese YiXing teapot for a total of three steepings. I am backlogging, https://www.facebook.com/musicberger1

190 °F / 87 °C 6 min, 30 sec

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I first of all found trying this tea a thrill because of the authentic looking wrap. Initially I found sour plums winding out the bitter drink. Further I got the stronger steep, rather I acquired a sippable nectar that had kind of a keemun taste. Futherstill, I can imagine a myriad of chemicals used to produce such red of a drink after 10 steeps on the same 4 g/100

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I had a series of tastings here from a batch of TieguanYin in the teapot.
hot water Rinse
20 sec
light and a bit flowery
tastes like a keeper, subtle spring guavas and bamboo
Additional steeps were not made.

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drank Moringa by It's Moringa
35 tasting notes

This bag just came in the mail and I was much anticipating the sensation of warming and hot tea. This doesn’t only make u feel warmer by tasting as a sencha but it speeds ur metabolism!
I would include in a tea swap as it’s flown all the way from Singapore

6 min, 45 sec

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Ease flows into a cuppa,
& suddenly…

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Well it’s the kind of day where a little lapsong found it’s way into my celestial seasonings cherry berry. I felt a bit warm and to keep it warm and toasty I brewed the lapsong first, then added only one bag of the cc. lovely little drink

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Behold a tea which actually manages to smell like chocolate. I could sip this after a yoga session or at night because the black tea is quite subdued by its small quantity in the teabag. I had it on a cold day after wheatgrass which imparts an effervescence to the maltiness of the leaves and the moist strawberry. Then again I could have imagined all of that…

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drank Sakurambo (cherry) by Lupicia
35 tasting notes

Many cherry blossoms away from tasting this last, actually it’s been nine years. I would be assuaged by the word nostalgic here, because it’s a tea mostly suited for the in cup steep, and then again it’s the first one I had had in soo long since going to the UK and having my first taste of black tea from the proper vendor. I’m usually a green tea drinker but so long as you don’t oversteep this one it’s great iced or after a casual clothes optional yoga session with someone you’ve hardly known more than two weeks, so yeah I recommend this.

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Initial taste test demonstrates this tea be reminiscent of ginger milk tea from the teahouse I used to go to after english classes at the college where I did my technical degree.
Moreover the taste of hot shamomille is like the home remedy I still use for having caught a cold. While this is not an everyday tea, you will be hard pressed to find fault with it as a general restorative.

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I’m a gym fitness buff. My hobbies are rock climbing, marathon, and swimming.
Additionally, I used to go to the University of Rochester, now I’m a student of science trying to get into pharmacy college.

I started drinking tea in College at tea houses and the passion has grown to harbor three tea pots and a shelf full of loose leaf teas.
I’m most familiar with Chinese Green Tea and some of it’s varieties ie.wuyi and oolong. I try to get other people inspired by sampling teas with them, so far I’m the only one in my family to be obsessive about tea. Much of my work requires alertness without jitteriness so I turn to the sweet flavoured nectar we call tea thrice daily.

What’s more, I’m not just a sports buff I’m completely fascinated by sports medicine and sports pharmacology even, I may do a dissertation on Creatinine sometime in the next five years. Until that time I’ll just sip my Earl Grey and wish you happy imbibing. I’m also open to personal messages, so drop me a line and I’ll rep back.


Spokane, Wa

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