23 Tasting Notes

drank Paris by Harney & Sons
23 tasting notes

After being off caffeine for a while, this was my first indulgence. And indulgence it was. All my senses were pleased at once. Great flavor, great aroma, great tea!

Life is good! :)

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drank Black Currant by Argo Tea
23 tasting notes

I dont know what went into my brain that I tried this one..I think it was a vague black currant gum association that I used to love as a thirteen year old….and in memory lane – I tried this one..

The flavor was very artificial and the tea certainly was one of the lowest qualities I have tried!

Tough luck Hazel!


I would have tried it too, Black Currant is a good idea, unfortunately, sometimes not done very well…
I will mark this one off too!


Let me know if you come across any good black currant tea :)

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drank Peach by Adagio Teas
23 tasting notes

I like this one…I can not be sure if their tea was of high quality but it did just fine with the peach flavor.
Their flavor was more natural than many other peach teas I have had. The tea also had full body (ofcourse! what else can I expect from a Ceylon?) which was good…and the shiny orange peach bits made me happy :)

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drank Earl Grey by Twinings
23 tasting notes

teet-da da da…tee da da da…

I think I am getting hooked on to Earl Grey!

Geoffrey Norman

It’s easy to do. I made the same confession a year ago.


I know…and you dont even realize it…and I used to say “Early Grey is boring”


I am with you Hazel, it grows on me every cup…


Drank my last Earl Grey bag at home last night…you know what that means…
The voices inside my head…“Errrrrrll Grrrreeeyyy!”
The only way to stop them is a pickup on the way home!

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drank Indian Chai by Alice's Tea Cup
23 tasting notes

Cinnamon was strong
But they got the chai wrong
At, first it was not brewed enough
They tried again, but it was tough
So I was not as satisfied as I would like
But its ok…their other tea was worth the hike :)

As you can tell – I am on a caffeine high!

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drank Lemon Ginger Tea by Stash Tea
23 tasting notes

Every now and then I crave some good herbal tea along with a bag a kettle cooked jalapeno crisps.

Lemon Ginger it was today…And I was really glad that the lemon did not come out too strong. The ginger was soothing but not overly spicy.

Great start to a great day.

Pleased :)


Weather better today? Sounds like we have a mess coming here later tonight and in the morning…

The jalapeno crisps sound good too!


Now that is one tea/food pairing I would have NEVER thought of. Lemon ginger matcha w/ jalapeno kettle chips would be amazing.

The DJBooth

This is great in the bags too!


@twing – Weather was so much better today. Walked ten blocks to Alice’s teacup on Lex and 64th. Nice :)

@Cofftea – Matcha it is – the next time I crave for my jalapenos :)

@DjBooth – I actually had it in the bag and it was good!


Let me know how that goes Hazel!

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I dont know why I waited this long to try this tea. I was so done with anything that looked Christmas…had an OD this year!
Well, It looks good, smells good and tastes…uh! so good.
To my surprise, the tea was silver needle and there was some saffron in their so my tea looked so orange :)
Downside: I was looking for actual apple pieces but anyway, there was plenty of cider flavor – though not real apples…works for me!

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The liqueur looked so good when I brewed it…I really looked forward to some good black tea. And i needed the ginger punch today. Has anyone seen how nasty the weather in NY is?

Well, The black tea was not very brisk :( and I think they forgot the ginger. But the peach flavor was refreshing so overall it worked for me…

Can anyone recommend some good tea with ginger peachness?


Sad to hear you didn’t care for it is much, I enjoy this one. I admit though, I like this mostly for the peach, rather than the ginger. They have a green ginger peach I am wondering about…


:) You should let me know how that one goes!


I sure will!


Stepped outside without looking at the weather first. Big mistake :(

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drank White Peony by Radiance Tea
23 tasting notes

I made a date with my three year old and we went to the Radiance tea house. She sipped diluted egyptian chamomile while I slurped away on my White Peony.

Loved it! Am sure the experience added to the flavor. But the tea was fresh with a cucumber sweetness and felt very clean in the mouth.

Went down very smoothly. Will go and try their silver needle next :)

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I always loved teas but have been afraid to try new flavors. I was the gal who would go to a tea room hoping to try something new, and then for the fear of not liking it – order my same old green tea with mint!

But my new years resolution is to change that…to give every tea a chance and to review it on steepster ;)


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