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I always carry hot water in my tea thermos and my pandora’s tea bag pouch when I am on the go…unfortunately for me, I left my tea bags at home today :(

In tea desperation, I picked this one up at a discount store and I must agree, Its pretty good for what its worth. Of course, you have to be prepared that you are not going to get the best green tea but the ginger flavor comes out clean.

Its refreshing :)

The DJBooth

I have found some treasures in the discount stores and wished I bought more :)

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drank Wild Sweet Orange by Tazo
23 tasting notes

What are they thinking….Its tang mixed with some stale lemon! How can you Tazo? How can you do this to me on such a cold day!

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The green tea is mild and its lemony without being tart. Great for casual sipping.

Cant taste or cant tell the ginkgo!

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drank Berryblossom White by Tazo
23 tasting notes

I dont even know why I am logging about this one..I guess my fellow tea drinkers have said enough for anyone to know this is not worth a try.

But I tried it and I need to vent. I dont know what Tazo is doing wrong. I think they make too much tea at one time and they let it sit forever. Tazo – “this is tea, not wine”
I could not taste the berry, Their was no blossom and the white was a pile on :(

Please excuse my sarcasm ;)

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They really meant it when they said Double! I did not even brew it for the recommended time and still this tea smells absolutely tealicious! It tastes the same.
I like…I like! And its hard to please me :P

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drank Zen by Tazo
23 tasting notes

And yes…starbucks again. And that too, I think it was way beyond the shelf life. The green tea was still clean and strong but I could not taste any spearmint or lemon.
I am sure mint lovers understand my sentiment when I sipped my tea awaiting the mint….of which there was no hint.

However, I will give this a second chance – hoping that it was poor turnover at this starbucks and not dead tea!

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drank African Autumn by Harney & Sons
23 tasting notes

Now what did you say this tea was called again? African Tart? And by tart I don’t mean dessert, I mean TAAAART.

So once again – Another one killed the Roobios!

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drank Almond Oolong by Adagio Teas
23 tasting notes

So it at least smells nice…One positive. Am nervous to take a big slurp. Uh oh! Does not quite taste the way it smells. I was expecting more the marzipan, amaretto :(
The Oolong is inviting as the tea cools down a bit but Adagio – You guys can do better!

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I sigh and hope to taste something that keeps me awake…or at least gives me a reason to feel more awake. I am not sure that this one does. Even though I like white tea, and as a white tea – I like this one too but I am not sure if the little bit of Acai does justice to it being called “Organic Acai”. I would say that its a little bit of Acai, a little bit more of White Tea.

Leaves you confused…leaves you longing for more!

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drank Chai Spiced Apple by Twinings
23 tasting notes

Well! This was my taste for the day and I was a little let down when I first slurped my tea expecting the crispness of a chai…but as I accepted that this is not my conventional chai (of course! I know the name tells me that – what was I thinking?) – I liked it a lot. I would call it cider chai. And I am going to drink more of it this winter. But But But! I am still going to stick to my routine Karma Blends Chai every morning. The Cider Chai is more like a 4 PM thing when the day hits it low and the sun gives up on us!

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I always loved teas but have been afraid to try new flavors. I was the gal who would go to a tea room hoping to try something new, and then for the fear of not liking it – order my same old green tea with mint!

But my new years resolution is to change that…to give every tea a chance and to review it on steepster ;)


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