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Somewhat new to such things as gaiwan, Yixing, and cooked/raw, puer… but an avid learner.

“Why Do You Drink Tea?” (started by IHeartTeas)

A good cup of tea is a thing of beauty to be enjoyed with abandon and sheer joy.
A middling to mediocre cup of tea is easily doctored (sugar, cream) and drunk while channel-cruising the tv, chasing children, or giggling with a close friend over squirreled away treats in the middle of your sleeping house about “acting like naughty twelve year olds” between startled jumps from the horror movie you’re both watching.
A GREAT cup of tea can be as good as a sensuous, all-engulfing session with your partner – but it’s safe and legal to do in the middle of a restaurant! (Having him stare back at you with the same glassy-eyed face of one gone brainless from pleasure.. that’s the moment of “I knew we were soulmates.”)


Because you can stare into a single kaleidoscope for a full day and never see the same pattern twice.
Because something as simple as changing the shape or material of the pot and cup shifts the kaleidoscope of flavors to a subtly but entirely new – experience.

Because I can.. Taste. So. Much.

..and all it takes is waking up a cluster of leaves gone to sleep.


Citrus Heights (near Sacramento), California

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