It is always a great day when a Verdant order arrives, so I am very happy today! I had, of course, placed my order the Thursday night before this Fo Shou Black tea was release…I am so glad that David and Brandon included this as a sample!

I must say, that in my limited capacity to discern the intricacies of tea, Laoshan Black has a serious rival!!! A mellow, malty, chocolatey masterpiece!! Picking up some caramel roast flavors in the smell, since I am only on the first short steep it will be very interesting to see how this tea progresses! Since it is early, I’m not exactly picking up on the coconut taste, but no matter, there are many steeps to come. I am also noticing the “cooling effect” that can be felt in the underneath/sides of the tongue! I like this feeling, it’s refreshing and normally something I get with oolong teas.

Overall a great tea, with a great chocolate taste! If you are a fan of the Laoshan Black(and who possibly isn’t?) the Anxi Fo Shou Black is definitely a tea to stock before its sold out! I will add more later in comments as I steep more :)

5g tea to 5oz water, 5-7 second steep after a quick rinse. 200 degree water


On about the 4th steeping at the moment, and this tea is going strong! Perhaps a bit sweeter than the first two infusions…I find it interesting that this tea uses an oolong leaf. Maybe that makes it behave more like an oolong, as it keeps much of its taste over the steepings. Some black teas tend to fall off a cliff around the 4th or 5th steeping, and tend to lose the qualities that make the first couple infusions so enjoyable. With this tea, i find myself liking each subsequent infusion more than the last!!!

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While I have always liked tea, I have recently fallen off the deep end into loose tea madness :)

I have found that I prefer the darker spectrum of oolong teas like da hong pao, Shui Xian, dark roasted and/or aged TGY, and also Dancong’s. Pretty much anything but floral oolongs, they just arent my style. I also enjoy pretty much every black tea that I have tried! I am also getting more familiar with puer tea, and lately have been preferring shu over sheng…Good for the stomach, and the most likely way to find myself “tea drunk!”


Pittsburgh, PA

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