Backlog! From about a week ago, I think.

I had this at school, again super late with the 12 Days swap, and again, I did have a cup closer to the actual swap.

The issue with having tea in a mug at school is that, well, you’re at school. So that if you suddenly have to read the part of Regan in King Lear, you can’t also drink tea. If you are taking a Greek quiz… well, you can drink tea. But It might be frowned upon. And it’s pretty hard to set a mug down on a slanted desk. Tea gets left for a bit and gets bitter. horribly bitter. and gross. I only managed to have half a mug of this before it turned to the dark side; however I did get another steep out of it during orchestra, which was nice. However, I think I left my mug in orchestra, which is not so nice. Whoops.

This was kind of mixed for me. I don’t generally like orange flavored black teas, so I wasn’t really expecting to like this a whole lot. And I didn’t really like it. The black itself was nice and earthy, but the spices confused me a bit. However, it most definitely wasn’t horrible, and I did have two mugs of it.

I mostly wish I had my mug back.

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Hi. I’m Isa. My photo is David Bowie. Actually, JK, it’s me, because I look like that. Yep.
I really like Davids Tea, because I live around the corner.

Ratings Scale:
(I tend to not rate too high or too low, so many of these are in the same range)

91-100: Practically unheard of
80-90: Basically all the teas I drink daily. These are GOOD TEAS
70-79: Okay, I liked this. I’m probably not going to buy it many more times, but I wouldn’t swap away the whole thing.
60-69: Does anyone want this tea? Because I don’t



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