25 Tasting Notes

drank Feng Shui Wellness by Tealux
25 tasting notes

So I haven’t yet had a good experience with either a fruit-based or an herbal tea, which made me really nervous about trying this one. Turns out, there was no need to fear!

This is an absolutely delicious blend. It’s sweet and appley, very smooth with a burst of flavor on the finish. I’m definitely going to eat all of the apple chunks out of the strainer when I’m done.


It’s one of our favorite blend! Thanks for feedback.

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drank Mango Rose Duet by Tealux
25 tasting notes

Sipping this now. I could taste more of the mango when it was hot, but now it’s settled into a very pleasant, soft rose flavor. It’s a bit astringent but I don’t mind that. I had a whole rosebud in this scoop, which might explain the heaviness of the rose, but I hope the next go has a little more mango. :) Ultimately, yummy!

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Oversteeped it a tad. Not so bad. The black tea is the main flavor in here, which I don’t mind. I noted a piece of chamomile in my scoop. :) Wish this tasted a bit more like how it was described, but overall a nice breakfast addition.

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Sweet! So sweet! Smells very powerfully maple-y. I thought I was a sweet-oriented person, but this might be a little dangerous…

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drank Genmaicha Japanese by Tealux
25 tasting notes

I’m pretty sure Genmaicha and I are going to elope one of these days. It’s such a comforting, toasty warm taste. I love the little popcorn pieces! I could curl up with a bottomless mug of this and die happy. (The way it actually happened was: I brewed a mug in the morning too late to drink it all before leaving for class, which is luckily right across the street. However, not being in possession of a thermos, my solution was just to take the mug down to class and finish it there. Why no, I didn’t look weird at all walking down the street like that.)

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drank Bancha Shizuoka Organic by Tealux
25 tasting notes

Brews up to a vibrant light green color, and tastes vibrantly green as well! Grassy and delicious.

ETA: On an empty stomach this gave me tummy trouble. :(

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drank Milk Oolong by Tea Lux
25 tasting notes

This smells like brown sugar in milk! Silky, yes.

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I didn’t read the ingredients prior to trying this, so boy was I surprised at the taste of the peppermint! I bought it mostly hoping for a really peachy mango-y flavor, but that wasn’t nearly as strong. I think what I’m tasting behind the mint is the honeybush. (Will drink again and come back later.)

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drank Decaf Apricot Green by Tealux
25 tasting notes

Average semi-floral taste. Sweet. Not quite sure how to describe it? Easy to drink with my cold.

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drank Toasted Walnut by DAVIDsTEA
25 tasting notes

I was expecting it to taste more like nuts than it actually does, but I don’t mind at all! It’s very smooth and cozy in the mouth, and I have a hankering for more…

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