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Ok this tea is wicked cute, I love the sprinkles. It’s not too spicy, but I don’t taste a lot of pumpkin. I think in comparison to DAVIDs Pumpkin Chai this is more chai and DAVIDs is more pumpkin. I truly think that chai lovers will enjoy this tea, and I bought 3oz of it so I’m up for swaps haha. It didn’t wow me but I definitely don’t dislike it.


I like this one blended with Culinary’s Pumpkin Cream, balances out the chai/pumpkin nicely! Maybe it would work the same with the Davids blend if it’s more pumpkiny?

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Now I’m always up for some new mate in my cupboard for those times when you get home after a long day with a pounding headache and you just NEED a strong dose of caffeine…hence buying this.

It brews up nicely, but I would recommend timing it at maybe 5-6 minutes because the sweet fruitiness did get overwhelming and bitter by letting it sit untimed. I could definitely taste the chili, and of course the longer it brews the spicier it is. I don’t handle spicy as well as most people though so my version of spicy may be more mild than yours.

The mango isn’t obvious, it’s definitely a fruit, it’s kind of more citrusy than anything else. I think this would probably rock as an iced tea, and the sweetness of it would be more appealing cold. Overall I’m glad I have this and it’s not just a sample size. I would recommend it to fruity tea lovers, mate drinkers, and those looking for an iced tea mate.

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Got this from Lariel in a swap, thank you!

I’ve had a lot of pumpkin teas, as I’m sure a lot of you also have. I love pumpkin chai from DAVIDs, I love Chocolate Pumpkin Pie and Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie from Della Terra…I don’t love this pumpkin. I see that it’s also a chai, but I just don’t taste ANY pumpkin, just chai spices and clove. I don’t smell pumpkin either. I personally wouldn’t order it, but I’m stoked I got to try it because otherwise I would have thought every time I was on the website “should I get it? nahh I’ll just wait.”

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drank Cocomint Cream by DAVIDsTEA
160 tasting notes

I got this sample in my DAVIDs order and was slightly intrigued by it but not crazy excited to try it. I once had a coconut gelato and threw up later that night, similar situation with a coconut coffee…needless to say I’m a little afraid of coconut. Also, to me…mint is an on it’s own flavor in teas, but let’s give it a go.

It smells incredible, the coconut smells creamy and smooth, the mint isn’t overpowering (which I was afraid of.) Seriously I might keep the little sample bag so I can just sniff it. It’s like tropical with a cool refreshing breeze.

I just didn’t want to forget to log this, I will finish the tasting review and rating once it cools down!

Ok, brewed this has an extraordinarily comforting smell to me. A combination of the peppermint tea I drank growing up and the coconut reminds me of running outside in the summer where I lived on the coast in Connecticut during my year of service where I met my boyfriend. I miss “home” so much, but he doesn’t, so grasping any fleeting feeling of it is like a dream to me. The sip is minty first, then a vanilla coconut. The vanilla and coconut come in more when the liquor fills my mouth, I get it more in the back of my tongue. The mint is surprisingly fresh tasting. I actually really love this tea, it’s such a treat to me. I hope I can stock up on some for the summer before it’s all gone. This may be my go to tea for bad days or homesick days now.


I hope you don’t throw up, this sounds too good to be tasting a second time.

Jackie O

bahahaha! thank you, I feel great so I think we’re safe on this one.


It’s amazing cold, too! I have several jars in my fridge at all times. :)

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drank Honey Bee by DAVIDsTEA
160 tasting notes

I got a very generous amount of this in a swap from Artp.

Upon first sniff I get literally just pure honey, which makes my mouth water. So I brew it up and the smell is similar but a little more bitter. The taste is fabulous- it’s smooth and sweet, but fresh. I love that it combines mate, honeybush, and rooibos for a worry free zero bitterness brew. I love to keep some fun flavored mates on hand and I think this one might be added to my permanent collection :)

oh right, it also reminds me of honey cough drops but in a good way.

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Seriously if my boyfriend weren’t so amazing I would marry this tea

Southern Boy Teas

I love it when we can make the ladies swoon. LOL.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

Shoot I wish i ordered some!

Jackie O

Hahaha, this tea is serious competition

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reviewed Brewing Basket by Finum
160 tasting notes

using this lovely little basket for my Vermont Liberty Tea Company Jade Oolong :) best for resteeps

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Sometimes I want to appreciate the time I have during the day a little more, so brewing an oolong does that for me. I can appreciate the tastes of multiple steeps, see the beauty of the leaves getting fuller as they brew, and smell the sweet floral crispness :) I have about an hour and a half before my next appointment so I think I’ll sip slowly.

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There is a run in my new tights and the vending machine ate my dollar. It must be a Monday…hopefully this tea helps.


I hope today turns around!


Wow, that’s a bad start! Hope your day gets better!


You could make a country song out of that statement ! Lol ! I hope your day improves! Blessings ; )


It can only get better from here!

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

I had a rotten day too! Made better by receiving some tea in the mail and also by my Davidstea Vanilla Orchid which got me through the afternoon :) Hoping things look up for us tomorrow!

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drank Movie Night by DAVIDsTEA
160 tasting notes

yummm buttery! I’m drinking the sample of this that elizabeth229 sent me (along with bunches of Pumpkin Chai and a sample of Oh Canada). My first sip is a freshness and a buttery feeling and flavor. I taste the green tea, it’s a grassy tea which I really like. I think it’s too hot to taste the apple and maple right now so I will update this in a little bit :)

update—> ok so I still don’t get any apple flavor but I get a LITTLE LITTLE bit of maple. I love the smell of this tea, but the taste is just kind of whatever to me. I think I’d reach for it more if I wasn’t in the mood for a flavored tea (which is like, never). It’s not one I will re purchase but I will enjoy what I have of it.

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I love sweet, decadent, desserty teas the most but I also appreciate a strong refreshing cup of green or white tea. I recently started a matcha smoothie morning, sometimes mate or black tea, then black tea and rooibos throughout the day, and whatever my little heart desires most when I get home from work!

I don’t have a rating system, I just kind of guess. I think I should make a rating system…

85-100 I want this in my cupboard always
75-85 I like it but I’m not rushing out to buy more immediately
60-75 Probably not going to want more than the sample
40-60 I don’t like this tea, I wouldn’t recommend it, and I won’t drink it again
0-40 This wasn’t even worth the sip.

Ok let’s try that for a bit now.



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