51 Tasting Notes

drank Chai Tea by Tim Hortons
51 tasting notes

I must admit, Chai tea’s are not my favorite of all but this morning I was by Timmy H’s and said WHY NOT, live dangerously! This tea tasted like.. PASSION in a cup, I don’t know why I say passion, but that was the first word that came to mind when I took a sip. Why chai’s are not my cup of tea usually, is because they usually overload them with spices that I don’t really like and it just tastes like an over exasperation of flavor that by the end of the cuppa, I get bored and fed up with. This one was different, it took one flavor and stuck with it. and it wasn’t cinnamon,ginger,nutmeg,cloves,cardamom and pepper it was beyond that. They used a licorice based flavor and stuck with it the whole way through while combining it softly with nutmeg and cinnemon. I was impressed once again by timmy’s!


I wouldn’t like this due to the licorice, but I love your “PASSION in a cup” statement!:)


Licorice is an acquired taste though, I used to dislike it horribly in tea, but then I started enjoying it as candy ( black licorice ) and then when I drank it in tea, I learnt to appreceate the nice bold flavors. hahaha thanks I thought it was clever and felt my subconcious was telling my to put it somewhere in the tealog :D

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drank Sweet Cranberry Black by Teavana
51 tasting notes

TART!!!!!!!!! Very Tart black tea, luckily I’m a fan of tarty teas so I enjoyed the flamboyant flavors of this black tea. As I kept sipping this tea, I noticed that it has rich flavors beyond cranberry that I can’t quite put my finger on yet. I imagine this one iced on a hot summer day like yesterday with a squeeze of lime or lemon :)
I must say I chose a bad combo of breakfast with this tea, as I had it with Nutella croissants so the chocolate and cranberry tartness was a little iffy lol but I will retry by itself.
My question to you : What do YOU think of Tart teas? Do you like them? Hate Them? Iced? Hot? I want your opinions!


Tart teas are okay, but I have to be in the mood for them. My husband, on the other hand, LOVES tartness…the more tart, the better. I think tart teas are best cold, at least for me because it can seem to tone down the tartness slightly.


I don’t tend to like my teas to be tart. It’s so easy for them to go over the line – I don’t want tartness to be ALL that I’m tasting. A little tartness is ok though.


I’m sooo close to coming down on the “hate” side of tart, but I think I’m more with Ewa on this one. I think that I need to try a wider range of teas (tart ones included) to make my official call :)


Well it’s easy to “hate” something, but realizing that something is great in its own unique way is the hard part. :) however I personally am a fan of tart :D


Nutella croissants sound amazing. that’s all.

oh and tart flavors…not in tea, but I it otherwise. I love kumquats and rhubarb, which are both pretty tart fruits. Cranberries are great too.


Nutella is amazing :)
we all have our preferences :D

Miss Sweet

I don’t like tart teas hot at all and prefer them iced as it usually helps other flavors (aside from “TART!!”) come through :)

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drank Pumpkin Spice by Tim Hortons
51 tasting notes

A VERY OCTOBERISH TEA – This tea is unique because it has a very halloween flavor too it ( gotta try it when that time comes around ) I did drink it hot ( even though it was a million degrees outside) it was still refreshing because I’m freezing with the air conditioning inside so it evens out. The Pumpkin of this tea is like absorbed by the Rooibos and its very interesting. It has a spice to it as well ( maybe cinnemon)
I enjoyed it a lot, nothing less to expect from tim hortons, although I don’t drink coffee that often ( I did cave in to an ice capp earlier) because my mommy says it will stunt my growth and I’m still a growing boy ( 6ft 1) anyway I’m ranting.
This tea was awesome, will have again when I’m near timmy’s again! ( which might be soon because its walking distance from my house)
I’d like to thank all the steepsters/steepsterettes for the kind birthday wishes :) you rock!

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

Congrats Jon! This is a Featured tealog. Happy belated birthday too!


Thanks :) I’m excited I got a feature that’s awesome :D

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drank Oh Canada! by DAVIDsTEA
51 tasting notes

Ahhhh nothing like the feeling of waking up the day of your 17th birthday and enjoying an incredible aromatic rooibos like this one! LOVE LOVE LOVE :D


Happy birthday!!


Yes, yes! Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Happy Birthday! Maybe I should have sent you a sample of Birthday Tea too. Oh well, there is always your 18th birthday :-)


Have a super-wonderful birthday!!!!! :D


Happy Happy b-day! :-)


Happy Birthday!!!!


happy bday. wish u have many more LOVE LOVE LOVE’s ;)


happy hatching day


Wish I’d had the good sense to be a steady tea drinker when I was 17. I’m sure I would be much wiser now. Happy day to you.


Happy Birthday…ahh, to be 17!


Thanks guys :) Tea people rock! :D
Thanks for all the LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
51 tasting notes

I strongly reccomend this nutty tea as a iced summer drink. It’s bright pink color makes it look like pink lemonade, however it retains a nutty almond flavor which sweeps me off my feet everytime.

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drank Pina Colada by DAVIDsTEA
51 tasting notes

I can see why they call it Piña colada, and i’m sure if it were iced it would taste just like it! I was impressed with this one, as I will have more of it as time goes on. The pinapple flavoring was more of the candied pineapple taste but the coconuttiness was just right :)
I’m going to say that the pineapple was overpowering the coconut, 90-10. which was unfortunate, nonetheless solid,eventful tea. I noticed that it was green rooibos instead of what I usually have ( red rooibos ) I just find that it has more of a tea flavor if that makes any sense, as red lets the flavor do the talking and green lets the tea do the talking.
Interesting tea, will try again.. ICED!

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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
51 tasting notes

YES YES YES! I absolutly loved this one iced. I don’t know how it would taste hot. but iced is awesome. Firstly, its a bright pink color, kinda reminded me of pink lemonade. Then it had a nutty splash to it, but a very nutty splash. Really refreshing on a hot summer day ( unsweetened and caffeine-free) Will definately try again ICED :D I must say at first it catches you off guard with the color and nuttiness but you get used to it.

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drank Sweet Tea by McDonald's
51 tasting notes

I don’t understand how people drink this stuff. Their not kidding when they say sweet. This was toooo sweet… I mean like it had some moments that had it okay, but erghhh it was kinda gross.
I knew I wasn’t going to get a healthy tea at Mc Donalds, but I mean this left a wierd taste in my mouth ( maybe because I was eating a fish filet but still haha )
Judging by other opinions, maybe they just didn’t make it right I’ll try another mc donalds in the near future and let you know.

Tea for Me Please - Nicole Martin

It’s an aquired taste. I developed a major sweet tea addiction after vacationing in Savannah, GA for a week. I’ve definitely eaten at McDonald’s that did not make it correctly though. On a hot summer day it hits the spot for me.


Yeah it seems to be a hit, that’s why I felt a little left out that I wasn’t crazy about it. It was a nice day out today, so it was the perfect day for iced tea, I’ll try it again sometime…


hehe never thought i’d see a mcdonald’s tea on steepster ;)

Meghann M

They do make an unsweetened tea that they serve iced, but it’s not any better than iced lipton’s. funny seeing their tea reviewed here, but interesting.


I like sugar in all ways except in tea and suguar that isn’t in flavored syrup form in coffee. It’s SO hard to find unsweetened iced tea when I go out. Subway and Crate and Barrel are the only 2 I’ve discovered. And Crate and Barrel is a weird one since they serve Southern food.


Subway makes one? I didn’t know, is it anygood?
Also the sweet tea did come unsweetened but it just didn’t look as exciting so I went for the sweeter one expecting they’ll go easy on me… Apparently not!
Yeah I thought it would be interesting to post a mcdonalds tea on steepster haha


They have a honey flavored sweetened one too (it may have lemon in it?)

It’s MUCH better than sweetened tea, but I’m not a fan of RTD iced tea… but this case could just be because it’s a black tea. Probably.

“the sweet tea did come unsweetened”… LOL! That may get you conked on the head in some parts of the south!:) If it’s unsweetened it is NOT sweet tea.;)


LOL! I just noticed that, pretty funny.
The subway one sounds pretty good, I am a fan of fuze’s protein drinks so I’m sure they could pull off tea. The problem with the mcdonalds sweet tea is that it wasnt lite sugar it was like heavy syrupy sugar, thats what made it unejoyable for me


Lol in Texas everyone LOVES sweet tea … It’s more like “would you like some tea with your sugar?” haha but I am not big on anything that is very sugary so I too stay away from their sugar tea drink :-)


I used to drink tea with a lot of sugar and even I had/have problems with sweet tea. The reason it is so sweet is that they add corn syrup. I’ve been told that they heat up the tea and add the syrup to make it sweeter yet. Ugh.

Meghann M

I even think the Subway one is too sweet. I think their is HFCS in with it as well as the honey because it is crazy sweet. I wonder if they have a concentrate that they pour in with it because they do “brew” it. At least at my Subway it gives the impression that it is brewed. The only place I’ve found amazing iced tea is at Corner Bakery Cafe. They have a black currant iced tea that Mighty Leaf tea makes for them and it is amazing without any additives. Yum. I love black Currant though. I may have to go there tomorrow and get an extra large tea :)


mmmm, Sounds good :D
Yeah I don’t know about the subway one, I will try that this week :D

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I had this one today around lunch, and I must say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I needed to grab something quick so it was the best solution. This tea had LOTS of sugar in it, almost 36g for the bottle which is pretty gross but the taste wasn’t bad. The problem I have with most bottled iced teas is that you can’t really taste the tea, but this one you could ( near the end of the bottle ) and it surprisingly had that PZAZZ of raspberry I was craving yesterday (LOL)
So was I content for a bottled tea, Yeah I guess so. However it was pretty sweet…..
This is one of the two iced tea’s I had today, the second was much worse, so stay tunned for that one..

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drank Dream Camomile Lemon by Tetley
51 tasting notes

For a bagged tea… Bravo! Seriously this had the perfect balance of camomile and lemon. The elegance of this tea was great and I enjoyed it. Perfect for those days where your not feeling too “bubbly”. A real mood lifter. The lemon was not too tart, and just right. The best things about tea bags are that you can’t really oversteep them ( Well you can but its not like loose leaf)

As I went on drinking this tea, I felt a little sleepy. I guess the title “dream” wasn’t so misleading. I think this blend would have been better with a twist of fruit of another kind ( like raspberry lemon camomile) just because by the end of your cuppa, you kinda feel bored with the taste of lemon and camomile. Like its good and sets you in a nice place in terms of mood, but the boringness at the end is what kills me. It needs a little more PUNCH/PZAZZ. One of the best bagged teas ive had in a while though, bravo tetley.

Camomile is really unique and great to have in tea’s although I have never seen what camomile really looks like in it’s natural habitat. It kind of looks like dandilions, the pesky things ive been plucking out of my garden all week. GRRR.

If I would rename this tea, a word I would use would be something like “ESCAPE” because my hockey team ( the habs ) lost 3-0 against the flyers this afternoon which puts them in a 3-1 hole after a great playoff run, it looks just about over. This tea helped me get my mind off it for a couple of seconds, THANKS TEA :D but now i’m reminded of it again. urghhh

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