24 Tasting Notes


I, weirdly enough (and out of all places), tried this at an AMC movie theatre. It was the only thing that was reasonably priced, $2 for a 14-16 oz cup.

After ordering and selecting my tea, this one I was in the mood for, I headed to my seats.

This tea was great, full of flavour, from start to finish.
Taste: Strong apple, very sweet apple, and hints of cinnamon. It was combined very well together, with good quality seeming ingredients, Very RICH.
Smell: Like Apple Cinnamon, it was just really rich.

Overall I would recommend this tea over many of the other apple cinnamon’s I have had.
I say go for it!

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drank Darjeeling by Bigelow
24 tasting notes

Dry, Burnt, and Harsh.

It leaves a terrible burnt aftertaste, originated by a dark dark dry sip of it.

Definitely not my favourite. In fact, I dread this one.

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drank Pure Chamomile by Twinings
24 tasting notes

I was forced to use this when I ran out of Loose leaf Chamomile from Davids and Teaopia. It was a sad… sad day…

However I would not let my relaxing night time routine stop because I used all my loose leaf, I looked in the cupboard, and there was Twinings.

I do not know much about Twinings, this was the first time I have had one of their teas.

My expectations weren’t too high, so I boiled the water as usual and let steep for 5minutes. I was surprised to taste a modest earthiness to it, which brought back memories of Davids chamomile, it was not as exciting as Davids, but it was a good chamomile tea.

Smooth and Relaxing – Those are my guidelines for Chamomile teas (and Herbal sometimes). Since it was both, I found one folly. It was rather weak, and I much preferred other chamomiles.

But go for it, it is a great tea none the less.

5 min, 0 sec

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drank Calm by Tazo
24 tasting notes

I love it,
The taste is smooth and relaxing.
More so, I enjoyed the taste of the smooth chamomile, crisp mint, and light lemon to add.
Everything about this tea is relaxing, from the name to the smell, to the first sip.

I love it with a bit of honey, when I get it at starbucks.

I recommend it, if you are having a bad day, lighten up with this cup of tea!

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drank Vanilla Rooibos Parfait by Tazo
24 tasting notes

As a fan of Rooibos, my mom decided to get me it as a gift one day while I was home.
I admire the smell of it when I had opened the tin, it was quite satisfying.
During my first cup, I enjoyed the great robust full flavour the Rooibos had, while it was somewhat sweetened by the other ingredients.

The taste was quite good, but I would prefer just the rooibos, so not my favourite.
I put a little bit of honey in aswell, it was a bit better, more satisfying.

If you like trying different rooibos, go for this, it isn’t bad!

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drank Passion by Tazo
24 tasting notes

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drank Chamomile by Tim Hortons
24 tasting notes

I am a huge fan of Chamomile teas!
Especially the ‘Organic Egyptian Chamomile’ from Davids
This one from Tims was alright.
The taste seemed somewhat artificial, and so did the colour of the tea, made me think it was processed more possibly.

Not terrible, but wouldn’t ever be my first choice.

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drank Green Tea by Tim Hortons
24 tasting notes

Tims green.
Taste is rather dry and burnt.
Has no distinct flavour, atleast for a green tea.
Seems poor quality and cheap.

Buy if you must, if you want all those crazy benefits and have no qualiTea around.

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drank Peppermint by Tim Hortons
24 tasting notes

Once again, I work at Tims, so I had the opportunity to try this tea.
Not being a fan of the other ones, I remembered this one from when I was a kid.
It was good. Or atleast in my memories.

Taste – Mild-moderate peppermint, depends on how you steep
however it tastes good, and you get what you want out of it, peppermint.

There is no way you can really hate this tea, it is what it is, and the quality seems okay.

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drank Earl Grey by Tim Hortons
24 tasting notes

I had the chance to try the tea today, as I work at Tim Hortons, finding that the rest of their teas are mediocre. I have tried just about all the teas there, and since trying many teas from Davids and Teaopia, I feel as if the ones at Tims are cheap and low quality.

None the less I tried this tea.
It’s smell was rather flat, it was not something that would bright up your face.
Strong smell of burnt black tea and licorice.
Taste? I found it tasted nothing like some fine quality Earl Greys I had before, it was just plain and boring, tasteless.

Shame on you Tims.

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Sociology at the University of Guelph in Canada. I have become intrigued with different range and varieties of tea, thanks to the introduction to them from the great employee’s at Davids tea. I enjoy Chamomile, Rooibos, and Oolong teas by far the most. I do not necessarily have a type I am not in favour of; I love green, black, and white teas as-well.

Here I would love to share my opinion of the fabulous teas I have tried!


Toronto, Ontario

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