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My fiancee and I went to the gym this morning and he showed me how to do a whole bunch of arm exercises. Now my arms are all jelloish and I can’t hardly move them, haha! This tea was on the top of the pile when I opened my tea drawer, so needless to say this will be the first cup of the day. The dry leaves smell like malty black tea and there is almost a chocolatey hint. There is also a scent of fresh fruit. The tea liquor aroma is more perfumey, with the smell of sweet, fresh apricots. There is a heavy, malty flavor with a sweet fruit finish. The apricot comes in with the aftertaste and is very light and wispy. Adding sweetener brings out a lot of the rich apricot flavors and makes me think that this would be a wonderful iced tea. Our milk is expired, so I didn’t add any milk today, but I remember from previous cups that the milk adds an almost creamy note to the apricot flavor. The apricot is a little artificial to me, but not overly so. I think Adagio said this tea was ‘soft’ and ‘mellow’ in the description, which is funny to me, because I find it to be rather heavy from the strong black tea base. It’s still a nice tea, either way. I’m glad I like this cup because I don’t have the arm strength to make a different one! You’d think that lifting the tea kettle so often throughout the day would’ve at least given me some arm muscle to start with! :)

-Dry blend has medium black tea leaves and twigs with pieces of dried apricot and yellow petals.
-Dry leaves smell malty and of almost chocolatey black tea with a hint of fresh fruit. Tea liquor aroma is of sweet and fresh apricots.
-Tea liquor is a clear dark brown color.
-Heavy and malty flavor with a sweet fruit finish. Light and wispy apricot aftertaste.
-Best with sweetener. Milk optional.
-Very good tea. Strong black tea with a sweet apricot flavor.

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i’m jealous of your jelloish feeling arms! i love a good sore muscle day.

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i’m jealous of your jelloish feeling arms! i love a good sore muscle day.

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