10 Tasting Notes


This one surprised me! Not only does it smell fantastic it tastes fantastic! Fruity and creamy all at the same time. Like Dessert in a cup! Can’t wait to drink it again! I purchased a sample of this one but would definitely go back and buy a tin!

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Really not to sure about this one. I have tried brewing it differently and each time I have not been overly happy with it. It is an okay tea. Very strong smelling and taste. I have tried adding Rock Sugar to subdue some of the cinnamon in it. I was hoping it would have a crisper apple taste.

Overall, I feel meh about this tea and probably wouldn’t purchase it again.

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I bought this recently as a cold has a hold of me. I originally went in to buy Cold 911 but they were out. The flavour of this one is not bad. I really don’t know how to compare it to anything. I definitely feel that it has helped my cold not develop any further. I am almost out of the pouch I bought last week as I have been drinking it multiple times a day. Need to go back and stock up on this one for sure.

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Love this kettle!! I have been using it almost a year now several times a day. The only issue I have with it is that the lettering is wearing off on the handle that shows the temperature for each button.

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I know a lot of you on Steepster love this tea. I am not a fan. Maybe I had a bad batch?
Scent: upon opening the tin you could smell the chocolate in this one

Ingredients: Roasted Yerba maté (Brasil), cocoa, almonds, roasted chicory root, raspberries, natural and
artificial flavouring*.

Steep #1:
steeps to a very deep caramel colour, upon tasting could not taste very much chocolate in it at all, could taste a little almond, it was a little bitter and had a strange smell to it. I added a little milk and sugar to make it palatable.

Steep #2:
worse than the first, the scent in my tea maker before adding water was overbearing and not pleasant once steeped it was a fainter version of the first steep, again not very palatable I even tried to make another cup using what I had left over in the tin but I just couldn’t drink it.

Overall Impression: due to the flavouring this is not a tea for me. I would not buy it again.

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Scent: difficult to really smell in the small tins, I poured it into a larger bowl but still had a hard time picking up a distinct scent.

According to the Davids Tea Website:

The ingredients are: Organic: Black tea, coconut flakes, vanilla beans, cornflower petals. With organic and natural flavouring.

Upon looking at the tea I could see the white coconut flakes along with the blue cornflower petals that pop but the black tea base.

Steep #1:
upon steeping I could smell a very faint buttery scent
Taste: very fain with a little buttery creamy after taste, I added a little milk and sugar

Steep #2
did not smell very appetizing in my tea maker, second steep was much weaker than the first but overall still pretty good

Overall Impression: Not too bad, I may buy it again

180 °F / 82 °C

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Just love this tea! Full of bold sweet flavour!

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drank Fruta Bomba by Teavana
10 tasting notes

Great Tea, very light tasting. I found that I had to add 1/2 teaspoon more than it was recommended in order to have a better flavour otherwise it was very week tasting.

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I have found a new love and passion in loose leaf tea! Wish I had found it sooner. I am enjoying learning all about the different teas and all of the health benefits!



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